GRAV® Frit Spoon

GRAV® Frit Spoon

GRAV® Frit Spoon

The GRAV® Frit Spoon Hand pipe is 4" long and made on 25mm tubing. Its inverted mouthpiece catches ash, and its thick walls are made of layers of clear and colored frit glass, adding weight and durability. No accessories or water are necessary for using this hand pipe.

Every batch of these spoons is unique, so colors will vary from those pictured.

length  height : 4"
use  with : Flower
carb : On the Left
designed  by : Dave Daily

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Robin M.
United States

4” GRAV Frit Spoon

Very satisfied this piece! Will definitely purchase again in the future!


Behold the best of the best

Behold the best of the best, the slickiest and probably the last spoon you'll ever buy. It was engineered to perfection through nothing other than heavenly inspiration. The result is truly a remarkable achievement; a gift to mankind from Up Above. This spoon is perfectly made, perfectly sturdy (although obviously still ''fragile''), it's curves are reminiscent of those of women. The meaty, ***** ones. The angle bowl and the inverted mouthpiece helps you to achieve an ash-free experience towards mind exaltation. The bowl is deep enough that, unless you pack it like a fat kid packs cookies in his pockets at a chinese buffet, you can press your thumb on the edge to completely shut the oxygen to instantly stop your ***** from wasting so you can have a really cool, relaxed smoking experience. The choke is bumped, helping you stabilize the spoon in your hand. Talking of which, between puffs, it rests in my hands so nicely. Like it was made to be held by me. Divine. I tell you. It's color and the gorgeous Grav labs logo make it look forever new. A true artifact to be kept in your secret stash. Forever. Sturdy. Reliable. Perfect.


dying to order one

A friend of mine has the clear pink one and in dying to order one or find one but haven't been able too. How may I order????

Aubrey Scoggins

I love these pipes

I love these pipes, I recently had one except it was a different color then you advertise on here, it was red, white, and black, my favorite colors and I really enjoyed everything about it, it's size, the way it hit, the size of the bowl, how perfect it was shaped, just in my opinion was a perfect hand pipes all together. I wish I could find another one with the same colors because not long after I had gotten it, I had a friend over and I handed it to him to look at, not even to use but just to check it out, and sure enough he drops it and brakes it, I was soo bummed out that I wasn't even mad, I really liked that pipe, so he's replacing it but you guys only have these three which Are sic but not the same color, if you guys have this pipe in the colors mine was will you please email me so I can have my lil pipe back in action, I'll get one of these if I have to but I would really like to have that one that I had before, like I said, in my opinion I think it was the perfect hand pipe.ok thanks, take care.


Every dry pipe collection needs a good spoon, and this is the best I've found.

Every dry pipe collection needs a good spoon, and this is the best I've found. Love the inverted mouthpiece and the cool colors.


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