GRAV® Dugout

GRAV® Dugout

GRAV® Dugout

The GRAV® Dugout is the epitome of convenience. You have your pipe, grinder, and storage all in one handheld, pocket sized device. Twist the lid to access the two chambers: the smaller contains a spring-loaded aluminum taster with teeth that make grinding and loading the bowl effortless, and the larger is a storage area for your flower, complete with polycarbonate windows for a quick supply check. The bottom of the Dugout has a recessed pin you can use to clear and clean your bowl after smoking. The piece is made on CNC aluminum with an engraved GRAV logo and comes with a zip-up carrying case, complete with a clip you can attach to a lanyard or keychain.
length  height : 3.75"
use  with : Flower
comes  with : Aluminum Taster & Carrying Case
designed  by : Stephan Peirce

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Jenny Guisinger


I have used a dug out for 25 years and my son just got me this one and I absolutely love it I love everything about it it is the best design in a dug out I have seen yet so excited !

Manny D.
United States United States

Modified Dugout - Great Enhancements on a Tried and True Design

My overall experience - - - Great product! I have used a dugout as my daily driver for decades. This is a nice modification on a tried and true design. Good, solid craftmanship on the purple one I received. Beautifully done! The window is wonderful. The recessed pick in the bottom is also wonderful. The magnetic lid is a great way to go too. And I like the bat design - it will stand by itself on it's end which is really nice, and better than most bats. The logo zip pouch is also a fantastic bonus. Jury is still out on the "teethy" bowl however.... Haven't used it enough to weigh in on it - - not sure how it will hold up over time, and concerned about what it is doing to the bottom of the stash box. I do have 2 suggestions/draw-backs on this dug design - 1. The bottom of the unit is rounded - it won't stand up on it's own like a regular dugout. It would be much easier to use overall if it could do this. 2. The stash box is just a little too deep. It is a little difficult for my medium sized fingers to grasp the bat and be able to load because not enough of the bat is sticking up out of the stash box to grasp, twist and load. Overall, for a dugout fan, it is worth the extra expense for a high quality unit like this, especially with the logo zip pouch included.



I've been on hunt for a dugout for a long time now, and came across this one quite by accident whilst trawling all the usual sites. Still can't understand how I missed it before. It didn't take me long to decide this was The One and place the order. Five days later it was in my hot little hands. It's heavier than I expected, which is wonderful, because I was hoping for a good, solid piece but preparing for disappointment because you never know what youll get these days when you see "aluminum." Grav is known for the best quality, though, and that includes this well-made dugout. The storage chamber is fixed firmly inside the dugout, no signs of looseness. It can store a good deal of material, much more than pretty much any other dugout I've ever seen. The lid only swivels one way, which is a little annoying, but it makes sense because that minimizes accidental opening and spillage when being carried in a pocket or bag. The lid has a tiny magnet underneath it near the spring-loaded bat compartment, but it doesnt do much to keep the lid shut securely. The bat is three inches long and smooth, with no strange taste to it. I personally find the short length uncomfortable, but I generally use a longer pipe - usually a water pipe or bubbler. The metal does warm up pretty quickly, but I was able to get through a sesh without anything overheating to the point of being uncomfortable. Because everything is good quality metal, you can put it away again without having to wait for anything to cooldown before stowing the bat. I got three/four good hits from the capacity of the bat. The serrated tip on the bat is a must-have in comparison to other tasters with a smooth edge; it's a breeze to fill. Because I *loathe* inhaling ash, I cut a standard sized bronze screen into quarters, tucked one quarter into the bowl end of the bat, dropped the other three into the nice carrying pouch that came with the dugout, and I'm all ready to ramble. My city has recently come to its senses regarding certain laws, so I'll be happily carrying this awesome dugout with me from now on. Being a chronic pain / illness patient also has me grateful for the existence of this excellent unit, because it's virtually indestructible for the times I might not have the best grip, and I'll be able to handle pain management much more efficiently when I'm away from home. The one way in which this dugout could be improved is to have a better closure option - perhaps some way to snap the swiveling lid in place - and some kind of bushing between lid and body so that a seal is achieved. It doesnt have to be waterproof, but the lid isnt as close-fitting and doesnt shut quite as tightly as it should do, especially for what this item costs. Still and all, I'm not sorry for the purchase, and you won't be either. Excellent dugout, high-quality manufacturing, fast shipping. It could only get better if there was free flower included! I'll be getting a few more of these as gifts for friends. Thanks for an excellent product and a complication-free shopping experience, Grav!

Mike H.
United States United States

Great piece!!!

I read all the reviews, even the bad ones on the site, I’ve had no issues with the glass falling out, I can’t imagine it even moving, it’s solid. Mine shipped on time, they emailed a tracking link. The piece itself is great, I love the feel and coolness (temperature wise) of the aluminum. The cleanout on the bottom is well engineered. There are actually two pins, a longer one that cleans the center, and a shorter pin, that lines up against the wall of the one hitter, to clean out the bowl. The one hitter itself does have a “bowl” the aluminum comes in a little ways down the pipe, it looks as if there is a tiny washer in it (there isn’t, it’s all one piece of aluminum, that’s just to help visualize it), so product doesn’t go all the way up the pipe when you’re grinding it. Also a great feature, that grinder. I just break up the herb enough and drop it in the storage side and grind as I go. It is surprising how much it holds, much more than my old wooden dugout. The one hitter itself holds quite a hit, even with the bowl, I find it to be a four hitter most of the time. Can you tell I used it tonight

Craig Kent

Love this dugout.

Love this dugout and the grinding one hitter. It is my favorite!