Local Artists

Welcome to our Local Artist's Collection, curated from among all the amazing Texan glass blowers who've partnered or collaborated with GRAV in the past. Each piece on this page is unique, using rare or custom colors. Most importantly, they're all designed and blown by the artists themselves. If you want to support these talented flame workers, grab a one-of-a-kind piece of functional Texan art today!

Blockhead Stand-Up Spoon
Blockhead Small Frit Spoon
Blockhead Frit Chillum
Blockhead Frit Gandalf
Blockhead Mini-Frit Gandalf
Blockhead Stamped Frit Gandalf
Blockhead Exotic Frit Gandalf
Blockhead Exotic Frit Spoon
Blockhead Exotic Frit Stand-up Spoon
JMass Torso Rig - Blue
JMass Spore Rig w/ Carb Cap and Paperweight Pink
JMass Radiation Tower - Yellow
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