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GRAV pipes are the best on the market. Our borosilicate glass is beautiful, easy to clean, and safer to smoke from than any other material. GRAV products connect you to a community of enthusiasts and a company that cares. With designs for every preference, function, budget, and style, we're proud to build pipes for the people.

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes help you keep things simple. They function without parts or water, so they’re ready to go when you are. With features like the inverted ash catcher mouthpiece, GRAV hand pipes showcase the level of design we put into even our smallest pieces.

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Bubblers combine the best features of Water Pipes and Hand Pipes: powerful water filtration in a portable package. GRAV Bubblers are sleek and straightforward, requiring small amounts of water and few to no components. Their simple percs are designed to soften even the harshest hits.

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Water Pipes

Water pipes are the flagships of any line. Full sized pieces with a range of filtration systems, GRAV Water Pipes are built for strong, smooth smoking experiences. Our patented geometric ice-pinch is the best way to cool your hits and our fission downstems help trap tar and ash. Look to specialized pieces like the Turbine and Circuit for even greater function.

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GRAV Tools put the science in scientific glass The GRAV Grinder lets you build the perfect bowl and consolidate your plant matter. The GRAV Fire-Button can pair with any of our water pipes to form an exceptional vaporizer. Our entire line of parts and accessories helps to enhance your pipe and take your sessions to the next level.

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Staff Picks

Featuring the People Who Know Our Products Best:

Our Own GRAV Employees

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The GRAV Spoon & Jenny!

Jenny Talks the GRAV Spoon

The spoon is a simple and perfect design that fits right in my hand and seriously doesn’t break, even though me and my cat knock it over constantly.

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Sam Talks Jane West Beaker

The Jane West Line was created to defy expectations and to set a higher standard for both ourselves and the industry. Through bringing attention and support to Jane West, GRAV has announced its new commitment to advocacy, normalization, and approachability.

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Josh Talks the GRAV Cup

Who doesn’t love a bubbler that functions like a 3-foot piece while standing only 8 inches tall? Whether you’re at the park or on your couch, you can rely on a smooth chugging, massive rip producing GRAV Cup.

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Sydney Talks GRAV Coil Showerhead

I love this piece for its diffusion and style. Made on 65mm glass, it can survive a lot! You get the best of 2 percolators in one! The fixed downstem reduces blockage while the coil spirally cools the smoke forcing it out of the shower head slits and then up again around the coil’s body.

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Kate Talks The GRAV Sherlock

When I began working here almost 8 years ago, only ONE glassblower on our team could nail the arc of the neck, the scoop of the bowl, and the subtle proportions that make our Sherlock so attractive. Often imitated but never perfected by other glass brands, GRAV brought this sleuth classic back right.

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