5" Upline® Hammer Bubbler - Clear

5" Upline® Hammer Bubbler - Clear

5" Upline® Hammer Bubbler - Clear

$79.99 $71.99
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The Upline® Hammer Bubbler is 5" tall and made on 38mm tubing. Its ladder perc restrictions create bubbler chambers that wash and filter smoke. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the bubbler to prevent damage. Two glass feet stabilize the bubbler between uses, and its carb and mouthpiece are ergonomically designed. No accessories are necessary for using this bubbler, and it works best with approximately 1" of water.
length  height : 5"
use  with : Flower
carb : On the Left
designed  by : Micah Evans

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Jesse W.
United States

Broke right away

Item tipped over while I was filling on counter. Only fell from upright position to its side... and shattered. I thought this was quality glass? In my glass experience good glass shouldn't have shattered.

Adamo C.
United States

I've had better

This was a replacement for a Purr shower head bubbler I had that was about 1.5 inches longer. This one cost more. I thought itd at least be as good if not better. It isnt. The hits are not even close to as smooth as my previous piece and its very loud to hit. I've tried all different water levels thinking that's the issue but it's still not functioning as I would like it. Overall not very happy I payed $20 more for this and find my old piece superior. I do like the mouth piece, its quality glass, it's a nice size for a hike piece and it shipped very fast- the reason for 3 stars

Eddie B.
United States

Great Quality

It’s a great piece that hits really smooth. The ribbing on the inside really concentrates the smoke for a solid hit every time. Packaging is A1 as well, would purchase again.

Spencer K.
United States

Highly recommend. Great attributes

The bowl is huge and can be compacted for optimal pull strength needed. I found the water level is about best to fill to the bottom of the second percolator disc thing. The mouthpiece and carb are a unique and functional shape. It hits extremely smooth. It has splash protection in the mouthpiece. It isn’t very hard to clean. It’s durable thick glass. It’s a perfect size. It’s stance it sturdy enough. It doesn’t always clear completely when you try to clear the smoke out though.

John C.
United States


The Upline bubbler hits incredibly smooth and it looks beautiful. The description says that the mouthpiece and carb are ergonomically designed, I was skeptical about this but they really do fit well to my body. Despite its looks, it is surprisingly easy to clean. My only complaint is that the description and the picture on the web page indicate that the downstem is fixed to the bottom of the pipe to prevent damage, but on the piece I received it is not. I called GRAV and asked about this and they said that it is normal that it is not fixed and that this doesn't affect the performance. This is a little disappointing because the fixed downstem made the piece seem stronger, more solid. It was one of the factors that led me to choose the Upline bubbler. It is still a great product though.


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