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GRAV is proud to be part of the scientific glass community and a tradition of glassblowing that is centuries old and still evolving. We encourage everyone to be curious and eager to learn. Our glossary helps to clarify some of the terms we use most often to talk about our products. If you'd like to better understand an aspect of glass blowing that isn't featured here, [email protected] is ready to help.
  • Grinder

    A grinder is a tool for breaking large pieces of plant matter into a fine, malleable, powder-like consistency. Grinding plant matter makes it easier to load into a bowl, allows the material to burn more easily, and exposes more of its surface area to the airflow. Grinders can have anywhere between one and three chambers. The most essential chamber is the upper chamber, where the grinding actually occurs. Metal or plastic teeth lock together with a magnet, and the topmost piece of the assembly is twisted repeatedly to crush the plant matter inside. The middle chamber of a grinder is typically used for storage. Holes in the bottom of the upper chamber allow ground plant matter to fall into the storage chamber, where it can be retrieved more easily. The lowermost chamber is covered by a fine mesh screen, which filters out all but the tiniest plant particulate, known as kief. The bottom of a three chamber grinder can be unscrewed to access pure kief that has accumulated there. GRAV® grinders have three chambers made from CNC aluminum, and the middle storage chamber features polycarbonate windows that allow a snapshot of the grinder's contents.

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  • Modular

    Modularity is the ability of different components (modules) to fit together in a variety of ways and combinations. Modularity in glasswork depends on standardized joint sizes. The best example of modularity in GRAV® products is the STAX® line. Every design feature and major component of a water pipe - bases, percs, and mouthpieces - are built separately in the STAX® collection and interlock via 34mm joints, allowing smokers to build their own water pipe using STAX® modules.

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  • Taster

    A taster is a small GRAV® glass hand pipe, consisting of a short piece of tubing with a restriction near one end. The space above the restriction serves as a bowl, while the rest of the tube is a simple mouthpiece. Other companies call similar products one-hitters, bats, or even chillums. GRAV® features tasters in several of our collections. Some of our higher end collections, such as Jane West and Upline, feature tasters with additional design features, but all tasters are fundamentally a straight tube with a low-capacity bowl at one end.

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  • Hand Pipe

    A hand pipe is any pipe that requires no water or accessories to function. They're the most simple, classic, and iconic pipes and can be found most places pipes are sold. Despite their simplicity, hand pipes can feature a wide array of design elements that enhance their functionality. For instance, the Helix hand pipe's Venturi chamber mouthpiece spins and cools the smoke stream as it travels through the pipe.

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  • Bubbler

    A bubbler is any pipe smaller than a water pipe that uses water to filter smoke and vapor. Most bubblers have no removable components, though some larger upright bubblers come with component bowls. There are two major styles of bubbler: hammer bubblers and upright bubblers. Hammer bubblers feature a bubbler chamber connected at a 90° angle to a straight mouthpiece. Two glass feet on the base of the bubbler chamber form a tripod with the mouthpiece to stabilize the bubbler between uses. Upright bubblers feature a bubbler chamber with a single, broad glass foot and a mouthpiece that extends from the side of the chamber at a 45° angle.

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  • Water Pipe

    A water pipe is any pipe that requires water and separate components or accessories to function properly. Most water pipes feature a base, a tube, and a mouthpiece, with a removable bowl that fits a joint set into the base. Smoke from the bowl enters the pipe through its base and is filtered through the pipe's water. The pipe's tube often features a splashguard to prevent the water from exiting the mouthpiece during use, or a perc to filter the smoke even further. From there, the smoke exits the mouthpiece cleaner than it entered the pipe, making the hits smoother and healthier to inhale.

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