Born in Austin, Founded by Glassblowers

Meet GRAV's Founder

David Daily

Meet GRAV's Maker

Micah Evans

In 2004, Dave Daily invented the Gravitron - the first all-glass gravity bong. He wanted the joy we get from smoking cannabis to be matched by the quality of device we bring to the table. We care about our flower, so we should care about our pipe.

Since then, how we smoke and understand cannabis flower has evolved rapidly, and GRAV has grown right along with it. The bar for finding our higher self climbs daily, but our mission stays the same: to design and innovate for the many rituals of cannabis consumption, wherever and however cannabis is consumed. Over the years, we've attracted some of the most talented and rebellious thinkers and makers in Austin (and beyond), where we've built a brand synonymous with quality in cannabis. We're excited for a cannabis future that is more just, more creative, and full of new and colorful rituals of consumption.


Come as you Are

Our team is our most valuable asset, but we value people for more than what they can do. We care about who they are and value diversity for its own sake. The collective sum of our individual experiences, knowledge, self-expression, and talent make us better represent our community and better connect with our customers. We keep GRAV weird, wild, and working hard.