In 2004, Dave Daily invented the Gravitron - the world’s first glass gravity water pipe. He saw the opportunity to take a smoking system people were willing to build for themselves out of very raw materials and make it stylish, safe, and affordable. That vision still drives product design at GRAV, and the Gravitron remains one of our most popular pipes. Watch this video to learn more about the piece that gave us our name!

Cu·ri·os·i·ty /kyu̇r-ē-ˈä-s(ə-)tē/

1. The drive to transform your interests into questions, questions into answers, and answers into meaningful change.
2. To acknowledge the constant course correction needed to row in the same direction.
3. A thirst for innovation. The understanding that all human things can be made more efficient or more beautiful.
Sol·i·dar·i·ty /sä-lə-ˈder-ə-tē/

1. To engage like-minded people in order to influence the change we seek to make as individuals, professionals, and stewards of our community.
2. The willingness to donate an impactful amount of money and/or time to causes you hold dear.
3. An uncompromising devotion to our teammates and an expectation of the same in return.
Con·fi·dence /kän-fə-dən(t)s/

1. An unapologetic awareness of and commitment to the quality of your work, mirrored by an equal faith in your teammates.