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Austin Pride Month Artist Feature

GRAV was established deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, over 16 years ago and has taken pride in our community since day one. #FindYourHigherSelf this August during Austin Pride Month, and learn how local LGBTQIA+ creatives are leaving their mark on the city (and beyond).

Brooke Robinson

Brooke Robinson
Founder and curator of @goodtype and the artist behind @seaofthesunsurfer from Austin, TX.

Grav Labs: What is your form of art?
Brooke Robinson: My artwork is currently flirting with unpredictable juxtapositions, incorporating a meditating buddha with a Drake lyric or a Native American wisdom with a Tibetan tiger and a Third Eye. I also try to include beautiful typography, too, if I can. I love type and lettering.

GL: How do you find your higher self?
BR: Being in nature is when I feel I am at my best. Being active in nature is when I feel I am really at my best. Much of my art is inspired by nature, surfing, the ocean, as well as ancient wisdoms, different cultures and even hip hop! My art and its ideas and mediums can change very quickly depending on what books I am reading, where I am traveling, what music I am listening to or what other art and photography I am exposed to.

If I am ever feeling uninspired to create, I listen to that feeling. I will pause and shift my focus or attention to learning something new. I make space for getting in tune with my Higher Self by taking time early in the morning for silence, meditation, prayer, reflection and gratitude almost every single day. And I always have to stay active. That fire of creativity and inspiration will always come back around.

*Discover more of Brooke Robinson’s work at

Alesia Lani

Alesia Lani
R&B artist with a voice and lyrics as real as it gets; Black Fret and Project ATX6 alumna.

Grav Labs: What is your form of art?
Alesia Lani: I’m a singer-songwriter.

GL: How do you find your higher self?
AL: I like to keep an open mind and I find inspiration in a lot — whether it’s sounds, colors, situations, or certain words — things that bring me peace.

GL: Do you have a favorite Grav product? 
AL: The GRAV Glass Blunt with the silicone is slick!

*Listen to Alesia Lani’s latest single, “What You Know About It,” and more on the GRAV Austin Pride Month Spotify playlist.

Charles Reagan

Charles Reagan Hackleman
Music photographer for festivals like Lollapalooza, ACL Festival, Coachella, Bonnaroo, The Governors Ball, and many more.

Grav Labs: What is your form of art?
CRH: My art form is capturing the sounds of another art form, music – not just the artist behind the music, but also the experience the music creates.

GL: How do you find your higher self?
CRH: A huge part of my style is capturing my subject in a different way than sometimes 50+ other photographers. I’m always looking for different perspectives, unique angles, reflections, etc. (Usually a little pre-set backstage smoke helps me find those unique photos!)

GL: Do you have a favorite Grav product?
CRH: Classic Sherlock is the one I have at home, and the Classic Spoon is my travel pipe!

*Get social and follow @charles.reagan for more.

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