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Cannabis and SXSW 2023

As SXSW 2023 approaches, it's clear that cannabis-related events are becoming an increasingly important part of the festival. With decriminalization in Austin and a growing acceptance of cannabis in mainstream culture, attendees have more opportunities than ever to explore the world of cannabis at SXSW.
Weed & SXSW 2023

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual celebration of film, interactive media, music festivals, and conferences in Austin, Texas. The festival has become a significant technological and entertainment event, attracting thousands of attendees worldwide. So where can you get stoned?

One of the many panel tracks offered at SXSW 2023 is the cannabis track, which is dedicated to exploring the business, culture, and science of the cannabis industry. In addition, this track aims to provide a forum for education, networking, and innovation for individuals interested in the cannabis industry. 

With the increasing legalization of cannabis across the United States, the cannabis track at SXSW 2023 is an essential platform for industry professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, and enthusiasts to connect and learn about the latest trends and developments in this emerging market.

Cannabis Panels at SXSW 2023

Panel: Accelerating the Science of Cannabis

The lack of research on health and wellness products is greatly hindering the growth and reputation of the cannabis industry. This panel will discuss how digital health, big tech, and cannabis companies are moving the needle on cannabis research to establish consumer trust and improve access to legitimate and beneficial remedies. 

Attendees will learn about the obstacles to cannabis research, why it is critical to propel the industry forward, and how to transform government policy with rigorous real-world evidence on cannabis and CBD. So bring your questions and get ready to explore the exciting advancements in cannabis research.

Panel: The Art of Cannabis and Food Pairings

If you're interested in exploring the intersection of cannabis and culinary arts, you won't miss this exploration of weed and elevated munchies. This session will delve into the complex and exciting world of pairing cannabis strains with different types of food. 

Whether you're a seasoned foodie or a cannabis connoisseur, you'll learn about the unique flavors and aromas of different strains and how they can be used to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. In addition to discussing the sensory pleasure of pairing food with cannabis, the panel will also cover the science behind these pairings, including the organoleptic properties of different strains and how they can affect the type of high you experience.

Panel: Cannabis and Psychedelics: Where the Parallels Align and Diverge

Join industry and policy experts in discussing the emerging psychedelics market and the more established cannabis industry. While both substances were formerly criminalized and stigmatized, they are finding mainstream cultural and commercial acceptance. 

In this panel, speakers will explore the parallels and differences between these industries, including their current positions and where they are headed. The discussion will also touch on the public health implications for a post-drug war future and how the brand side, therapy side, and ancillary services may take shape around thepsychedelics industry. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of cannabis and psychedelics.

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Event: The Glow Show!

Comedy lovers, get ready for a night of laughs and trippy tales with Joey Z's Glow Show! Join Ashley Sharma, Chris Hills, Kandace Medina, and Mac Blake as they share their hilarious stories of psychedelic misadventures, crazy party experiences, and favorite concerts. 

The show is always different, so prepare for a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition, there will be a Grav Labs Pop-up and Blank Hellscape and Star Parks musical performances to add to the fun. So come ready to laugh and enjoy a night of good vibes.

Event: Tokeativity

Get ready for an unforgettable event as Tokeativity hosts their first social gathering in Austin, Texas. This is the perfect opportunity for cannabis enthusiasts to come together and socialize with like-minded individuals, whether you're a local or in town for SXSW.

The event promises to be a fun-filled 3-hour experience with both indoor and outdoor activities that are both interactive and enjoyable. The space is LGBTQ-friendly and welcoming to all cannabis enthusiasts.

Take part in the Bling a Lighter craft station or the Rolling station for a fun and creative way to enjoy your cannabis. Be mesmerized by the live painting and talented artists while getting your Tarot card reading.

Remember to grab your goody bag giveaway as you leave and continue the festivities! This is a can't-miss event for anyone looking to connect with the cannabis community in Austin.

Event: Renegade Bridge Party

Get ready to party with GRAV and Club E at the Montopolis Bridge! Join us for the wildest underground event of SXSW, featuring Austin's hottest local music scene. Prepare for a renegade celebration of everything that makes Austin great.

Let's show everyone how we do it in the ATX! Austin has the best music, and GRAV is proud to give local talent a platform all year round. We'll provide sick beats; you bring excellent vibes.

Soco Austin TX

Can You Smoke Weed in Austin, Texas?

Austin has relaxed cannabis laws, with the Austin City Council and Austin Police Department agreeing not to bring charges against someone possessing misdemeanor amounts of marijuana, which ranges from 0 to 4 ounces. However, it's important to note that decriminalization is not the same as legalization. 

Decriminalization means that local law enforcement has chosen not to enforce specific laws. While Travis County had already enacted policies to reduce criminal cases for marijuana, such as giving tickets instead of arrests for small amounts of marijuana, the new policy takes things even further. If an Austin police officer sees you smoking a joint, they will likely ignore it now.

This means that, in all likelihood, you will not face legal charges in Austin for possessing a recreational amount of marijuana. Furthermore, even if a police agency were to arrest you for a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, the new County Attorney, Delia Garza, rejects prosecuting all misdemeanor marijuana charges.

However, it's essential to understand that decriminalization is different from legalization. Legalization means that marijuana can be legally bought and sold, and in some states, such as Colorado and Oregon, marijuana is entirely legal. In contrast, in Texas, marijuana is illegal, but in some cities, like Austin, authorities are electing not to prosecute for small amounts of possession.

SWSW 2023 Weed Events

As SXSW 2023 approaches, it's clear that cannabis-related events are becoming an increasingly important part of the festival. With decriminalization in Austin and a growing acceptance of cannabis in mainstream culture, attendees have more opportunities than ever to explore the world of cannabis at SXSW. For an expanded list of cannabis panels and events, check out the SXSW 2023 calendar.

From educational panels and discussions to fun and interactive experiences, there is something for everyone interested in this rapidly evolving industry. Take advantage of the chance to learn, connect, and have fun at these exciting events. See you there!