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Meet The Mini Rig

With dab rigs, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

In fact, most pros agree that smaller pieces are a smarter choice for dabs (for reasons we’ll get into below). And since concentrates are so potent, a little goes a long way. No one gets cool points for overdoing it and ruining their session.

So when you’re building your dab kit, put a mini rig on your must-have list. We’ve got a full collection of mini pieces, including dab rigs and mini bubblers that can become dab rigs with the addition of a banger. Find your next diminutive dab piece with this handy guide.

New to dabs? Check out our Dabbing FAQs for a crash course in concentrates.

Why Mini Dab Rigs vs. Bigger Rigs?

Cleaner Flavor

Dabs go stale faster than the smoke from flower. And stale smoke is less tasty smoke.

The vapor in a smaller rig has less distance to cover from the banger to the mouthpiece. So your smoke doesn’t have a chance to get stale and sad.

Low Water Line

Pieces with a low water line can also help max out the flavor of your concentrate. With less water to get through, your hits get a dose of smoothing water filtration without losing much potency.

More Portable

Compact and convenient, mini dab rigs are perfect travel buddies. Bring it on the road for dabs wherever life takes you. Their discreet size makes them easy to stow in luggage or bags.

Lower Price Point

Smaller glass is usually more affordable glass. In contrast to bigger pieces with heftier price tags, GRAV’s mini dab rigs clock in between $45 and $100. That’s a lot of dabbing power for not a lot of cash.

Less Waste

A wasted cannabinoid is a damn shame. Even experienced smokers may not be able to clear a big rig full of concentrate. And as we already covered, that shit goes stale quick. Mini rigs let you fill up a small chamber with a reasonable dab and enjoy every bit of it. And if it’s not enough, you just load that banger up again and go back in for round two.


The Grav Mini Rigs

Mini rigs are the next big (small) thing. And it’s cool if you want a piece with some versatility—these can all work with either flower or concentrate.


Eclipse Rig

The Eclipse Rig is a pretty little moon that’s dab-ready. The spherical chamber’s 8-hole conical perc pulls vapor effortlessly. Then it’s a straight shot through the short angled mouthpiece with no splashback. The Eclipse itself is made of sturdy borosilicate, while the included quartz banger can stand up to those torch temps.


Milk Carton Bubbler

There ain’t no moo juice in this throwback bubbler. Fill it up with 100% dab vapor for a drink you’ll really feel. With the wide open chamber, you can pack this piece with more smoke than you’d expect. The Milk Carton Bubbler comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl. Add a GRAV® 14mm 45° Male Banger to turn it into a mini dab rig. Choose from five vivid colors, plus clear.

Wedge Bubbler Rig

Dabs are quick and quality with the Wedge Bubbler Rig. This little sidekick feels sturdy and durable, with no straw to risk breaking. The curved downstem ends low in the chamber, so you can use just a hint of water to keep the flavor dense. And the 45° quartz banger angles a bit away from your face, so you can get it sizzling hot without singeing your eyebrows.

Coffee Mug Bubbler

The Coffee Mug Bubbler can sit right next to your coffee pot for the perfect wake-and-bake piece. The compact chamber is ideal for dabs. And the downstem handle gives vapor a bit of extra runway to cool before you take a sip. This piece comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl. Swap the bowl out for a 14mm 90° Quartz Banger to build-your-own dab rig. Available in five color options, plus clear.

Hourglass Mini Rig

Now we’re getting into the really mini dab rigs. The Hourglass Mini Rig is a scant 3” tall and one of our most budget-friendly pieces. This timepiece has a classic hourglass shape, with a pinched middle that makes it super easy to grip. With a piece this small, you may anticipate some splashback, but fear not—the 3.25” straw keeps your mouth dry. This piece comes with a 10mm 90° Male Banger, so you’ll be on your way to dab nirvana right out of the box.

Spherical Pocket Bubbler

Another itty bitty piece, the Spherical Pocket Bubbler was specifically designed to work with flower, concentrate, and even blunts. Just swap the included bowl out for a GRAV® 10mm 45° Quartz Banger to turn it into a mini dab rig. The open chamber is a perfect size for potent dabs without overdoing it. Available in five colors, plus clear.

Mini Beaker

The beaker is one of the all-time classic bong shapes. This one comes in a mini size that makes it a shoo-in for flower or dabs. The compact base fits perfectly in your hand. But it’s also sturdy on a tabletop, so you can use two hands to set up your wax or shatter. This beaker comes with a 10mm Cup Bowl, but you can add 10mm 45° Quartz Banger to make it a mini rig.

Mini Round Base Water Pipe

Last on our list, we have the Mini Round Base. Similar in stature to the Mini Beaker, this lil guy features a spherical chamber for a smoother look. The angled downstem allows for a super low water line and smooth filtration. Substitute a 10mm 45° Quartz Banger for the included 10mm Cup Bowl to use it as a dab rig without melting your face off.


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