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How Growers Can Offer Custom Branded Glass Pre-Rolls

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written by Kate McDermott

The established mode of selling flower gives consumers the option to smoke however they like, whether they prefer joints, pipes, bongs, or bubblers. But it’s also labor-intensive. Grinding, packing, and choosing the right piece to smoke from can be inconvenient—and even intimidating to new smokers. 

Pre-rolls solve the convenience problem but come with issues of their own. Glue and paper mask the flavor of the flower you’ve worked so hard to grow. Creating pre-rolled joints is slow and can leave air pockets that burn poorly. And outside of the package, the joints lose the branding that helps build trust and customer loyalty. 

So we know the problems. 

What is the solution?


GRAV® Partners with Cultivars and Growers
to Offer Branded, Pre-Filled Glass Joints

Cultivars and flower brands can package their flower directly into GRAV® Glass Joints for an easy, clean, approachable smoking experience. 

When the consumer smokes out of GRAV® Glass Joints, all they’ll taste is the full terpene profile and flavor spectrum that you’ve nurtured over the years. Made from medical-grade borosilicate and food-grade silicone, these joints are stable and safe. And with a cap on each cartridge, they are easy to transport while keeping your flower fresh until it reaches its end user. 

“​​I’ve never been a fan of rolled joints for various reasons. But the glass joints are a game-changer. Simple design and efficient functionality come together for a hard hitter that won’t leave a burnt paper aftertaste. Very little wasted smoke. Easy to load and clean.” - Jerf H., GRAV® Glass Joint Customer 

Glass pre-rolls also provide transparency to the pre-roll market. We all know that some joints are made of high-quality stuff, while others are pieced together from bottom-of-the-jar, dried-out shake. Glass joints take the smoke-and-mirrors out of pre-rolls. Instead of hiding sub-par product inside the opaque paper, everything is on display. So you can show off your flower to discerning budtenders and the customers they advise. 


Fill Partner San Luis Sungrown Retails GRAV® Pre-Filled Glass Joints Across Colorado

Colorado-based grower San Luis Sungrown has been a GRAV® Glass Joint fill partner since July 2021. Retailing in eight Colorado dispensaries, they’ve chosen to offer glass joint 2-packs (totaling 1 gram of flower) and 7-packs (totaling an eighth of flower).

Owner Brent Toepper says, “Having the ability to package our flower into a glass delivery device has proven itself to be an efficient way to keep our flower fresh while it’s packaged and awaiting the consumer. The product travels well and allows the consumer to take just one hit and put it back into their pocket or fire up the complete tube—their choice.”

It’s also allowed them to innovate with infusions. They’ve just begun packing their Liquid Live Flower in GRAV® Glass Joints. “The glass tube allows for an even distribution of consumption and tackles the oily hot temps created with an infused joint,” says Toepper.

Another benefit? Better compliance with state regulations. The push towards legalization inevitably comes with increased scrutiny on processes and safety. And papers have not always been in compliance. 

“As the evolution of commercial cannabis moves forward, regulation and product delivery systems have experienced unforeseen hurdles,” Toepper says. “The pre-roll sector has had several testing and compliance issues with paper suppliers. Once final finished product testing was incorporated, the paper supply chain was thrown for a loop. Being recognized as a glass jar by the various state regulating bodies, we can do smaller batch runs to ensure freshness and quality are always available to store shelves.”

We’re excited to see more exposure for the [glass joint pre-roll] platform and more infused options coming down the road on our menu.” - Brent Toepper, Owner, San Luis Sungrown and GRAV® Glass Joint Fill Partner 

How Fill Partners Can Customize Their Joint Offerings

Jars and pre-roll packs are easy to brand with your logos and marks. Pre-rolls, not so much. 

Our glass joints can be custom labeled. After you place your order with GRAV®, our design team will work with you to finalize your design. Your glass joints will arrive with labels pre-applied. If they’re shared with friends or passed around the party, there will be no question about whose flower everyone is enjoying. 

Package quantities are also customizable. You can choose to offer single joints, or packs of any number to meet your brand requirements. Each glass joint holds between 0.5g and 0.75g of ground flower. 

Once you receive your custom-branded joints and packaging, you’re ready to fill. Our custom filling system lets you fill 56 glass joints at once with a full ounce of flower. And we’ve found that filling GRAV® glass joints is up to five times faster and 30% more accurate than traditional knockboxes. 

Fill partners aren’t on their own—they’ll get instructional training from us, plus optional on-site guidance if they so choose.


From the Consumer’s Point of View…

Here’s what we’re hearing from the end-users of our glass joints.

They’re easy to use

With the cannabis market expanding to more and more new smokers, ease of use is a key feature. Even long-term daily smokers appreciate the convenience of a stash of pre-rolled joints in flower from their favorite growers.

​​“Love these! Wasn’t sure what to think when I purchased these…I was afraid it was just a too-good-to-be-true impulse buy. Boy, am I pleasantly surprised!!! Love these little bad boys! Super convenient…love having seven loaded and ready to go!” - Kristin P., GRAV® Glass Joint Customer  

They’re perfect for traveling

Convenience and portability are major selling points. Cannabis is part of our daily lives, and consumers want to bring their smokeables along with them when they leave the house. Glass joints are sturdy and keep flower safe from moisture.

They’re a tastier way to smoke

Without the paper and glue, consumers get to enjoy all that flowery flavor. And by pushing ash out the end of the tube, smokers keep any soot or residue taste out of their inhales.

“​​Glass joints absolutely slap. The glass joints are easy to use and provide a superior smoking experience to traditional papers since there's no paper taste on your smoke. Additionally, the ability to push ash out lets your hits stay clean and fresh.” - Michael C, GRAV® Glass Joint Customer 

The price is right

Pre-rolled glass joints let our fill partners meet the needs of consumers who may not have as much to spend. And while the glass is reusable, it’s also low enough cost that consumers are happy to dispose or recycle them. 


GRAV® Is Adding More Fill Partners to Our Roster 

Join companies like San Luis Sungrown, Simply Crafted, and The Cure Company by becoming a GRAV® fill partner. Email [email protected] to request a sample box of GRAV® Glass Joints and get answers to all of your questions!