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Puff Puff Podcast: GRAV’s 7 Favorite Cannabis Podcasts

The first podcasters had to be stoners, right?

After all, any medium where you just listen to people tell you interesting stories for hours on end pretty much has “pothead” written all over it.

(Actually, it’s true — former MTV VJ and early internet adopter Adam Curry is generally considered to be the first podcaster. He also happens to be a vocal fan of marijuana.)

So it makes sense that there would be some great cannabis podcasts on the market. And there are, from history to comedy to law to science and beyond. Pop in the ol’ earbuds and take a listen while you walk the dog, tidy the house, tend the garden, or just smoke a bowl. 

1. Great Moments in Weed History

Despite what pearl clutchers and certain members of the federal government would like us to think, humanity has a long and interesting history with cannabis. In Great Moments in Weed History, co-hosts Abdullah Saeed (of Bong Appétit) and David Bienenstock share some of these tasty historical snacks with us. 

The podcast tells some fascinating stories. For example, did you know that author Louisa May Alcott of Little Women fame wrote a scandalous short story in which her lady protagonists get stoned out of their minds on hashish? I’ve read all of Ms. Alcott’s novels and her biography and yet that little tidbit managed to elude me.

Learn cannabis stories about the likes of Carl Sagan, The Beatles, a young Barack Obama, and more in this smart and stoned story time.

2. WeedWeek

It’s no secret that we love to smoke cannabis. But we’re also in the business of cannabis. So we like to know what’s going on in the wider weed world. And that’s why we listen to WeedWeek

Hosted by journalists Donnell Alexander and Alex Halperin, this weekly show covers topics ranging from the cannabis industry to science to criminal justice. And they don’t shy away from difficult topics within the cannabis community. 

Episode 91, for example, explores a cannabis entrepreneur’s experience with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which causes severe vomiting in daily marijuana users. And in episode 97, they talk to a 15-year industry veteran who has serious concerns about scams and unscrupulous business practices in the weed business. The focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly in the industry makes WeedWeek a trustworthy resource for anyone who wants to up their knowledge. 

3. How to Do the Pot 

Cannabis is much more inclusive than it used to be. Still, in some ways the culture can feel like a boy’s club. Only 27% of C-suite positions in the cannabis industry are held by women, so there’s definitely some room for improvement. 

April Pride, founder of cannabis lifestyle brand Van der Pop, is working on that with her podcast, How to Do the Pot. After making a success of her stylish smoking accessories, she decided it was time to help women learn more about the plant and what it could do for them. 

Her narrative podcast discusses general topics, like how CBD differs from THC. But it also dives into woman-focused topics such as weed and pregnancy, cannabis to ease symptoms of endometriosis, and cannabis and sex.

4. Weed + Grub

After serious topics like cannabis activism and industry news, it’s time for a podcast palate cleanser. Weed + Grub is just the ticket. Hosted by long-term High Times writer Mary Jane Gibson and Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Glazer, this show is a celebration of two of our favorite pillars of hedonism — great weed and great food.

The podcast listens like two old friends smoking a bowl and chatting about their favorite food with laughs along the way. Pizza, sandwiches, burgers, hot chocolate with mozzarella — it’s all fair game. Listeners are encouraged to smoke a bit and grab a snack while they listen along.

5. Weed Wonks

Some people like to nerd out on the cannabis plant, building an encyclopedic knowledge of terpenes and flavonoids. Others are all about the culture of cannabis — the art, music, and films that have come out of a relationship with smoking. 

Weed Wonks hosts Jordan Wellington and Andrew Livingston are scholars of the statutes, laws, and regulations that govern cannabis sale and use in the U.S. The duo interviews attorneys, legislators, and policy advocates to understand what the rules are on a state-by-state basis, as well as where they might be headed. 

Don’t miss episode 30 about the Last Prisoner Project, an advocacy group that works to free cannabis prisoners. 

6. Chronic Relief with Rachel Wolfson

Cannabis, comedians...and mental health?


Comedian Rachel Wolfson spent her entire childhood on pharmaceuticals like Adderall and Lithium to treat ADHD and bipolarity. It wasn’t until she reached her 20s that she found cannabis and was able to get off the prescription medication. 

This history led her to create the Chronic Relief podcast where she could interview fellow comedians about their own experiences with depression, addiction, and mental health, and how cannabis has helped. Serious topics discussed by funny people — recipe for success.

7. I’m Too Effing High

Gather a bunch of comedians. Get them high. Make them play games and take part in challenges. Enjoy the ensuing hijinks. 

Billed as a “half hearted attempt to find out if people are funnier when they’re high,” the show is hosted by James Mastraieni of Upright Citizen’s Brigade and features a regularly rotating cast of improvisers and cannabis experts. Expect to see plenty of other podcast hosts, like Abdullah Saeed, Mike and Mary Jane from Weed + Grub, and Scam Goddess’ Laci Mosley.

It’s pretty damn fun, and a great way to kill some time when you smoke a little too much and have to wait an hour before you can operate heavy machinery.

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