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Surviving Winter with Hygge and Cannabis

Surviving Winter with Hygge and Cannabis

Have you heard of hygge? Literally Danish for 'fun', it’s come to describe an ethic that structures a lot of Scandinavian leisure time. It’s both an abstract idea and a concrete practice, a noun and an adjective. It’s one of those things that gets harder to define the more you look into it until you’re awash in mood boards of perfectly foamed lattes and chunky sweaters and homemade baked goods. But what hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) boils down to is the pursuit of coziness and comfort, drawing close to the ones you love, and taking time and appreciation for daily rituals like making tea or going for a walk so that they become small moments of luxury or indulgence. Also candles. From extensive research, we’ve determined that if you want to pursue hygge you’ll need lots and lots of candles. In essence, hygge echoes what’s at the root of most winter holidays: coming together in cold dark times to make some light and warmth, both literally and figuratively. Hygge is more of a lifestyle and perspective for improving the winter months, rather than being attached to any specific rituals or holidays. The Danes have this down to a science since they’re experts at surviving winter, but anyone can pursue hygge when their world starts to get a little chilly.

Not everyone’s hygge is going to be chicly Scandinavian or Instagram worthy. For a lot of people, hygge probably looks like cuddling up with a loved person or pet, reaching for well-worn blankets and store-bought cookies, and putting on a movie they know by heart. For many GRAV fans, ideal hygge is likely also going to involve cannabis. Using cannabis puts many people in an automatic state of hygge, in which they’re highly motivated to seek out comfort, coziness, and connection. The aesthetics of flame and smoke are quintessentially hygge, and the psychoactive effects of cannabis supercharge the inner brightness and warmth we all strive for. Nothing sounds more hygge than sitting in a close circle of friends and passing a pipe, then eating together or playing music or having open and genuine conversations.

If they get that perfect cozy, gooey, sleepy high, suddenly they are able to feel the carpet under their toes and their partner’s hand in theirs and appreciate them for the warm, comforting, happy, hygge miracles they are.

Of course, we’re not the first ones to notice that hygge and cannabis go perfectly together. It’s an intuitive connection made by many a blogger, and there’s even a t-shirt about it. But it seems to us that cannabis could be a more meaningful part of hygge than a material you add into the mix as though it’s just one more fuzzy sock. Conjuring a feeling of contented coziness out of the blue is a lot easier said than done. Sometimes indulgences like diving into a mountain of pillows aren’t enough to turn off the racing thoughts and negative emotions that are often side effects of being an adult in our society with a myriad of daily responsibilities and aggravations. Of course, the season turning cold and dark can make it all worse, and that ideal of cozy bliss can start to feel impossible to achieve.

Perhaps this is where cannabis comes in. Cannabis may not be the cherry on top of your hygge, but rather a way to get to a hygge place they aren’t always able to reach without it. Cannabis is a finicky plant by nature, requiring just the right amount of just the right strain to combine with just the right brain chemistry on just the right day to achieve a truly perfect high. But for some, if they hit the balance just right, cannabis can be a blessed relief from the background buzz of stress and worry. If they get that perfect cozy, gooey, sleepy high, suddenly they are able to feel the carpet under their toes and their partner’s hand in theirs and appreciate them for the warm comforting happy hygge miracles they are. For some people, cannabis isn’t a way to escape the present, but to fully experience it. Of course, it goes without saying that you should be taking all medicinal and medical advice from a trained professional and not a blogger at a pipe company. But if someone who knows what they’re talking about has determined that cannabis is a healthy part of your self-care routine, there’s no shame in that.

If a few hits help to take you from feeling like you’re on the outside looking in at holiday cheer and idyllic winter nights, to feeling like you’re part of them and genuinely experiencing that positive energy, that hygge, then that’s wonderful. The more the merrier! If cannabis is part of your winter survival kit, there’s no reason to feel guilty or like you have to make excuses or hide part of yourself away. Why not look at cannabis as a comfy indulgence instead? Relish it. Find a piece you love and make a ritual out of loading it. Pile up your favorite smoke spot with cushions and incense and art on the walls. Splurge on a fancy ashtray or lighter if it makes you happy. If crafting the perfect mug of tea is hygge, why can’t crafting the perfect hit be as well?

This time of year is often romanticized as being full of jolliness and love. Christmas music insists it’s “the best time of the year.” But if we’re being real sometimes this season is also difficult. Winter time and all the traditions and holidays it encompasses can be stressful or lonely or cold or challenging. And needing some help to join in the snuggly sugary vibes doesn’t mean you’ve failed some grand test of seasonal cheer. It just means you’re human, and sometimes life’s rough edges could use a little rounding. So knit a scarf or buy an artisanal candle or light a bowl or do all three!

We wish you a hygge winter, no matter how you get there. And if you have an especially hygge activity in your holiday routine, let us know in the comments below!