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Take a Tour of ZootZ Alor

This week we’re showing some love to our friends in the only state bigger than Texas. ZootZ Alor is a one of a kind smoke shop in Juneau, Alaska. Their name is French for “holy smokes,” which is apt for a smoke shop that stands out because of its friendly atmosphere and reliability. ZootZ Alor was opened in 2015 by Stan and Lynn Lee and quickly rose to prominence as Juneau’s premier headshop.Stan and Lynn are still the owners today and take pride in presiding over a locally owned and operated shop that is an important part of Juneau’s community. ZootZ Alor is open 7 days a week on a regular schedule - a rarity for smoke shops in Juneau. They also work with awesome vendors like GRAV to offer a more extensive and comprehensive product selection than most other shops in the area.

However, Stan and Lynn really attribute their success to their staff, who are unfailingly friendly and knowledgeable about everything in the shop. That’s saying something because there are a lot of products to keep track of at ZootZ Alor. In addition to a wide selection of high-quality glass hand pipes and water pipes, ZootZ offers acrylic and silicone pieces as an alternative to glass. They also stock a full selection of vaping products, dab rigs, rolling papers and wraps, and any other smoking accessory you could want. They even offer products that have nothing to do with consumption like incense, candles, and creative works lovingly dubbed “stoner art.” In addition to everything else, ZootZ Alor is set apart by its in-depth grow section, which includes nutrients and soils, botanical extractors, trimmers, lights, grow tents, and much more, all at the best prices you’ll find in the area. ZootZ staff member Jerry James is a grower himself, and he loves chatting with customers about the latest techniques and his favorite tips and tricks. This is just one example of the kind of customer service that keeps locals coming back to ZootZ time and again.

We can now definitively say that G stands for GRAV, but it also stands for grateful, which is how we feel to have such an amazing partnership with ZootZ Alor.

The staff at ZootZ Alor works to stay connected with their community by seeking out feedback about what customers would like to see on the shelves. This led to the recent addition of a full line of CBD products that have proved to be extremely popular. Another way ZootZ engages with the community is by participating in Juneau’s annual Gallery Walk. Every year during this city-wide celebration, ZootZ holds a “5G” event at the shop that is themed around 5 words that start with G. Anyone attending this event can expect sales, free food, a live radio broadcast, and even a visit from the Grinch. ZootZ sees this tradition as a “thank you” to their existing customers as well as a fun way to meet new ones. The most recent 5G, which took place on the 7th, was especially exciting for us because we were lucky enough to be the centerpiece of the 5 “G’s” ZootZ chose to feature this year. We can now definitively say that G stands for GRAV, but it also stands for grateful, which is how we feel to have such an amazing partnership with ZootZ Alor. It’s great local shops like ZootZ that allow us to keep doing what we love, and that make this industry such a fun one to be a part of. Their wide-ranging inventory and dedicated team is enough to make anyone say “holy smokes!”

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