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  • By Brandon Minton
  • 2022-11-21 | Nov 21, 2022
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Reviving the Modern American Dance Show with The Church Atx & GRAV

At GRAV, we enjoy sponsoring fun events that allow community members to be unapologetically themselves to express their joys and talents. In addition, we partner with advocates, charities, and events to spread awareness and positivity. For example, recently, along with Crescent Canna (legal THC Gummies), had the privilege of helping kick off a variety show filmed in Austin, Texas, at the fantastic Suite 650.

GRAV added fun to the party by supplying goody bags full of GRAV items like our rolling trays and glass joints. The glass joints came packed with some tasty herbs provided by Crescent Canna, a fine purveyor of CBD and THC products. Crescent focuses on a variety of edibles for people looking for affordable cannabis products that experts make.


Suite 650 is both a production studio and a creative agency that provides a fully modular and open area to facilitate performance, filming, events, live streams, and anything else a creator can imagine. It's a substantial customizable space; they work with entertainers and businesses to create the perfect environment. For this particular event, the area was outfitted with a dance stage, a runway, and several street dance-style decorations that helped bring the room to life.

GRAV's own Vertarias Hankins directed the show entitled The Church, which strives to be the rebirth of the classic American variety show. The lights, the stage, and the dance numbers all harken back to classic dance programs like American Band Stand and Soul Train.

Dance Performance The Church Atx

This web series combines local musicians and dancers She23, Lavender Thug, The Alien Babe, and DJ Majesty to create a high-energy environment filled with creativity and attitude. A packed dance performance had been rehearsed and perfected, along with opportunities for dancers to free-style dance and express themselves as they marched down the runway.

Each of these artists brought a personal touch to the event. This particular installment of The Church, dubbed Pussy Riot, was devoted to all who identified with having a Pussy, and proudly performed with that in mind.

The Church Atx

We're happy to support a space that champions performers and creators, especially one that combines soul, flavor, fashion, and music. The Church, Crescent Canna, and Suit650 made for an event that was a positive powerhouse for those who performed and attended the event.

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