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The Definitive Guide to Dope-Loving Dads

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The Five Dads You’ll Meet On Father’s Day
The definitive guide to dope-loving dads

This world is full of all kinds of dads. Old dads, new dads, lame dads, cool dads. But as cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, one thing that unites many dads is the love of a good toke. In order to help you navigate the many different styles of stoner dads out there, we’ve compiled a list of five types of dads you may interact with on Father’s Day, and what type of smoking implement each one would love.

  1. The Outdoorsy Dad - GRAV® Dugout

    Spend enough time in a park or a greenbelt, and you’re likely to encounter an outdoorsy dad. This is the kind of dad who is always asking you to go on hiking trips with him, would rather camp under the stars than pay for a hotel, and probably belongs to a local adult sports league. You can identify him by his bucket hat, cargo shorts, and heavy-duty sandals paired with tall socks. If you run into an outdoorsy dad in the wild and need to appease him, it’s a good idea to have a GRAV® Dugout on hand. It’s small enough to slip in a pocket or backpack, but it holds everything the outdoorsy dad needs to store flower, grind it, smoke it, and clean up when he’s done. The outdoorsy dad won’t have to slow down to use the Dugout, which is good because he doesn’t slow down for anything.
  2. The Nerdy Gadget Dad - GRAV® Clear Klein Sprocket Recycler

    Some dads’ passions lie in the high tech world. Whether it’s the latest smartphone, surround sound speakers, or a really complicated pen, these dads don’t buy anything that isn’t the product of intelligent engineering. Nerdy gadget dads can easily be identified by their transition lenses, ties with loud prints, and big digital watches. Nothing would please one of these dads more than a GRAV® Clear Klein Recycler. From the sprocket disc perc to the continuous recycler function, the Klein Recycler is one of the most high tech ways to smoke, and the design pays off in super smooth and clean hits. It’s the kind of innovation that even the nerdiest gadget dad will appreciate.
  3. The Old School Dad - GRAV® Tankard Sherlock

    Not every dad can live on the cutting edge. Some want to be reminded of a simpler time. From leather bound books to records to vintage cars, these dads are into anything classy and classic. You’ll find them in Oxfords and the kind of hats that aren’t worn by anyone else in this century, probably listening to big band jazz as they light up. If you want to make an old school dad happy, you can’t do better than a GRAV® Tankard Sherlock. It echoes the silhouette of a classic tobacco pipe, but the borosilicate glass and smart details make it much more smooth and enjoyable to use with cannabis.
  4. The Hippie Dad - GRAV® WigWag Spoon

    The hippie dad enjoyed the 70’s so much that he never really left. He still rocks tie-dye, blasts the Grateful Dead, and rages against the man, even though he’s kind of become the man with his corporate job and sensible car. But still the dedication to free love, political activism, and getting high is alive and well in the hippie dad, and the GRAV® WigWag Spoon is the perfect piece to compliment his lifestyle. He’ll recognize the classic spoon shape from his smoke sessions back in the day, and the brightly colored trippy swirls of the wigwag glass will remind him of the blacklight posters that used to hang in his college dorm room.
  5. The Dab Dad - GRAV® Clear Umbrella Perc Rig

    The dab dad is no novice when it comes to getting lit. He graduated from flower a long time ago, and if you’re being honest with yourself you know he can smoke you under the table. He’s a cannabis enthusiast who’s even been known to make his own concentrate from time to time, and you’ll recognize him by his impressive beard, legalization bumper stickers, and the dabbing videos with intense eye contact that he posts to Facebook. If you want to make Father’s Day extra special for the dab dad, get him the GRAV® Clear Umbrella Perc Rig. It’s the perfect daily rig, and the umbrella perc diffuses vapor through water for a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience.

Father’s Day gifts are notoriously hard to shop for. There’s only so many times you can buy your dad golf balls or socks before you run out of inspiration. So this Father’s Day, why not consider the dad category (dadegory) the father figure in your life falls into, and shop accordingly? There are as many varieties of dad as there are strains of cannabis, and the first step towards the perfect gift is figuring out the precise classification of dad you’re dealing with. But of course at the end of the day, it truly is the thought that counts. No matter what type of dad you are or you have, every dad loves a good cliche, and there really is no better gift than quality time spent with loved ones - preferably sharing a fat bowl.

What type of dad do you have? If you are a dad, what type of dad are you? Let us know in the comments below!