• By Laura Suarez
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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The GRAV Back to School Survival Kit
By Laura Suarez

The time has come to go back to school. You’ve registered for classes. You’ve bought books. And, you’ve moved into your dorm room. Your parents might have furnished the sheets and the shower caddy, but it’s up to you to bring the most important school supplies. With products for both your dorm room and your on-the-go lifestyle, the GRAV® Back to School Survival Kit is necessary for every college student (above the age of 21).

As a student, however, you aren’t going to live life only in your dorm room. With classes, clubs, sports, work, and friends, you spend a lot of time on the go. When you leave homebase at 8 am and don’t return until sometime that night (or the next morning), you tend to carry your essentials with you: books, ID, water bottle, and your cannabis setup. Portability and durability plays an important factor in your selection. There’s nothing worse than finally squeezing a few minutes between classes to relax and have a smoke only to find that when you open your bag your pipe is broken. That’s why the GRAV® Taster with Silicone Skin is the perfect on-the-go piece that can really take a beating. You can throw it across the room and it probably won’t break. Books won’t crush it. And, to make it even more smoker-friendly, the silicone skin caps the bowl and tamps it out just in case it’s still lit. Capping it also expels any smoke that might be left in the chamber, so it doesn’t slowly seep out into your bag. Nothing helps your concentration when studying like notes that smell of stale smoke.

One of the biggest problems with carrying cannabis in your bag or backpack is the odor. The more fragrant the cannabis the better, but that isn’t the case in the middle of class. That’s why the cannabis-smoking student’s most necessary school supply is The GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch. It’s the barrier you need between your stash and your professor. It zips and velcros out the smell inside. It has a handle just in case you don’t have room left in your backpack. It looks like a wallet or wristlet, so it won’t draw unnecessary attention.

If you combine the GRAV® Taster and the GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch with The GRAV® Grinder - that is l arge enough to grind a shareable amount while being compact enough to fit in the small pockets of a backpack-and the 7.5” GRAV® Rolling Tray, which is the perfect size for an on-the-go workspace, you have an entire cannabis setup in a small and portable package.

So, it’s time to spread your wings and assert your newfound independence. You have graduated from high school, so it’s time to graduate to a more adult smoking apparatus. Your GRAV® Back to School Survival Kit will take the stress out of your semester.

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