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  • By Alex Strubbe
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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The Helix Mini Hand Pipe

It’s time to shine a spotlight on an unsung hero, an enduring crowd pleaser, and one of our favorite pieces that GRAV has to offer: the Helix Mini Hand Pipe .

Compact but impressively effective, this piece has been a mainstay of our well-known Helix line for years. It’s one of the most simple and affordable ways to experience the technology that makes Helix our oldest and most popular endorsed brand.

All you need to use the 6” Helix Mini Hand Pipe is some flower and a lighter. You load the bowl like a regular spoon and hit it while using the carb at the very end of the pipe, centered at the back of the bowl. The surprise comes when you start to pull, and the smoke swirls toward you in a braided pattern people often compare to a tornado. It’s fun to watch, (and the more you smoke it, the more fun it will get), but you’ll also notice that the hits you’re getting from this little guy are surprisingly big and also surprisingly smooth coming from a piece with no water.

This is because that pretty swirl of smoke isn’t just there for show. It’s caused by three air intake holes in the Venturi chamber mouthpiece that force the original smoke stream to split into three smaller streams. This gives the initial hit much more surface area to touch air and glass, which filters and cools the smoke. That’s what makes smoking from this piece so nice and smooth. The Venturi chamber also takes a small hit and expands it into a bigger one, mixing in a little air so that your lungs can handle the full body of the hit and absorb all the good stuff without being overwhelmed. That means you get the most out of each section of flower that gets burned, giving you more product left over for next time.

Texan glass blower Wil Menzies invented the Venturi chamber mouthpiece under the name V-tech and designed the 6” Helix Mini Hand Pipe as we know it today. Wil and Dave Daily, the founder of GRAV, collaborated to rebrand V-Tech into Helix and expand one ingenious mouthpiece into a whole family of products. But once the Helix mini was perfected, it was a slam dunk. Since its inception, the Helix Mini has always been one of the most popular pieces in the Helix line, because it’s the smallest and least expensive piece that still recreates the signature swirl. 10 years and multiple redesigns of the Helix family later, the Helix Mini is just as it was when first designed, and just as well loved as ever. Will Menzies has since started his own company called American Helix, and GRAV still pays him royalties on every Helix piece sold in recognition of his lasting contributions to the GRAV family.

One of our favorite things about the 6” Helix Mini Hand Pipe is that you can take it almost anywhere. This pipe is compact and portable enough to join you for long walks on the beach, Netflix and chilling, or to be your plus one at your next concert. If you want to share, the deep bowl on this pipe makes it much more convenient for group sessions than a typical small spoon or chillum. The Helix Mini is ideal for outings with friends like camping trips or tubing. If you’re thinking that the 6” Helix Mini Hand Pipe sounds like the perfect piece for you, now’s the time to buy. Starting next week, you can get it as part of the Cornucopia Bundle and save big on all the great pieces in that deal, which includes a pipe from every major GRAV category marked down almost 40%!

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