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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2023-08-01 | Aug 01, 2023
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Introducing The Monarch

We’re in our luxury era over here. Old Hollywood glamour. Champagne for breakfast. Fainting couches. That sort of thing.

So we can’t keep smoking out of the same old gravity bong—as delightful as it may be. 

No, we wanted to create a new gravity bong, one worthy of the mink stoles and caviar and first class flights no one can afford. Our solution was The Monarch, a seriously bougie gravity bong that makes you look like a class act, even while you’re getting wrecked. 

Meet this posh new addition to the GRAV family and prepare to fall under its spell.


How It Started 

The first-ever all glass gravity bong started small. Really small. Like, in-a-garage small.

Back in 2004, an enterprising young fella named David Daily decided he wanted to make a better gravity bong. So he picked up some cylindrical vases, cut the bottom off a wine bottle, and added a rubber grommet to prevent clanging the two together. 

Voila. The OG Gravitron. 

At first, David and his friends made Gravitrons in his parents’ garage, and later at his kitchen table. But when the product eventually took off and GRAV grew, production moved to a real  manufacturing facility. 

Fast-forward to 2021. GRAV has been around for 17 years, and it’s time for the Gravitron to get an upgrade. We beefed up the glass, increasing the thickness by 5x. We replaced the old rubber grommet bowl adapter with a ground glass joint. We added a flange at the neck to make it easier to lift. And we developed a new platinum-cured silicone grommet for a tighter seal between the cylinder and the bottle. 

The updated Gravitron works like a champ, creating dense pressurized clouds that hit smooth and easy. 

So far, so good. 

But what else could we do with this basic design?


The Gravity Bong Goes Glam 

Before GRAV, most gravity bongs were made from less-than-luxurious materials—often a two-liter soda bottle and a bucket.

We’ve already elevated the experience with the Gravitron. But why not lean into a truly luxurious gravity bong?

Lead designer Micah Evans took on the challenge. For inspiration, he looked to the beauty of vintage glass decanters and chandeliers. Often made with patterned glass in diamonds, trellises and fluted designs, these pieces were crafted to catch and refract the light, creating an impressive glow and sparkle. 

Looking to Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 1930s, Micah reimagined a gravity bong that would fit into any Jazz Age soiree or modern day living room. With its fluted sides and delicate sweeping neck, the Monarch resembles a piece of crystal barware. It will look right at home on your bar cart or a prominent shelf. 


Where Does the Monarch Fit In for the Glass Collector?

Most regular smokers have a small array of pipes and pieces. They may have a daily driver, often a water-filtered bubbler for cool, reliable hits. They may have a portable, durable piece for outdoor adventures—perhaps wrapped in protective silicone. And they may have a larger water pipe for “those” days, when the old stand-by just isn’t quite enough.  

Then there are the collectors. The ones who are constantly on the lookout for new ways to smoke. Assessing form and function to curate innovative and creative pipes and bubblers and bongs. In their menagerie, you’ll find a profusion of smokables in all shapes, sizes, materials, and functions.

In our view, the Monarch is a must-have for both of these smokers. It’s a truly luxurious smoking experience, elevating the gravity bong still further. Along with other premium pieces like the Empress & and the Globe Bubbler, the Monarch enhances the smoking ritual into something opulent, lavish, glamorous.

As the 1920s come full circle, a touch of elegance seems only fitting. Embrace the allure of the Monarch and indulge in the sophistication it brings to your smoking experience. 

Get the Monarch now on and at your local shops or national online distributor.

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