question:     Helix and Glycerin Multi Kit Issues

Our Helix and Glycerin Multi-Purpose kits are excellent for smokers who want versatility from their hand pipe.  Both kits can be converted from simple hand pipes to bubblers or vapor straws for use with plant extract.  Assembling and reassembling your multi isn’t too tricky, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  Each multi has a mouthpiece component.  The Helix Multi’s mouthpiece is the characteristic Helix Venturi chamber.  The Glycerin Multi’s mouthpiece is the marble-capped chamber filled with dyed vegetable glycerin.  The mouthpieces can be used with any of the three accompanying heads, but only one head at a time can be used.  The mouthpiece and head are secured by a joint clamp.  To remove the clamp, simply pull it off with your thumb and forefinger.  The clamp requires moderate pressure to snap the clamp on and off of the joint, but if for whatever reason you’re experiencing difficulty getting a clamp on, please don’t force it.  Excess pressure can break the joint, and it’s possible the clamp is too small.  Reach out to our Support Team and we’ll help you resolve the issue safely.

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