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A Full Line of the Most Popular Brand

For Every Type of Smoker

Venturi chamber

technology ensures

a cool smoking experience

Tornado effect

creates unique,

spiral action

Venturi Technology

Helix pipes spin smoke into an iconic, braided pattern using the three air intake holes in the Venturi chamber mouthpiece.

Start Spinning

Cools, Aerates, Conserves

Our lungs aren’t designed to absorb an entire hit of pure smoke, so the added air cuts down on waste.

Take a Spin

No matter your budget, our comprehensive line of Helix products gives everyone the opportunity to experience the unique function of these pipes.

Still Turning Heads

Helix has shaped a decade of smoking experiences. We recently redesigned our Helix water and hand pipes to offer the best function to date.

Helix Hammer Bubbler

Two glass feet stabilize the bubbler between uses. Water-ready one piece hand pipe.

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Helix Chillum

Its compact taster head is fused to a Venturi chamber mouthpiece, a colored marble prevents the chillum from rolling between uses.

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Helix Hand Pipes

The familiar spoon head is fused to a Venturi chamber mouthpiece, featuring three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke.

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Helix Steamrollers

Delivers that perfect punch that we have all come to know of Steamrollers with the iconic Helix twist.

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