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Working from Home

You’re keeping it chill in your cozy home office, rocking the WFH mullet (business on the top, PJs on the bottom). You’ve got a calendar packed with meetings that should have been emails…so you stay cool by blazing it up in between video calls. Don’t worry, your camera is off. This is working from home.

Pleasures delivers stylish streetwear with a rebellious streak, pushing boundaries at the intersection of fashion, art, and music. GRAV® designs and produces premium hand-blown glass to turn cannabis consumption into a daily art. As two citizens of subculture, a collab just makes sense. We’ve combined our powers to create a limited-edition collection of merchandise and smokeables to turn the home office into a hotbox.

Fuck mouse-tracking software and mandatory video sharing—this is the ultimate working-from-home toolkit.

GRAV® Working from Home Small Wide Base Water Pipe


The Working From Home Wide Base Bong is a perfect desktop companion to your long days spent scrolling through emails and wearing pajama bottoms during meetings.

The Wide Base is super-stable with its low-sitting body and an anchored percolator. Hundreds of bubbles cool and filter your hit with each inhale. Both the GRAV and Pleasures logo adorn the mouthpiece and a goldfish friend is in the base to keep you company.

GRAV® x Pleasures Sandblasted Spoon

The exterior of the GRAV x Pleasures Sanblasted Spoon pipe has a matte and frosty finish and is available in multiple colors. The inverted mouthpiece prevents you from accidentally sucking in ash when you take a big hit from this pipe and casually pushback all your deadlines.

GRAV® x Pleasures Sandblasted Spoon

This sticker pack makes pretty much anything look like a highschool locker in the 90’s. Each sticker sheet has seven stickers featuring the Working From Home Logo, the Spoon pipe, and Working From Home Bong. Perfect for letting your workmates know you’ve got style and know how to party.

GRAV® x Pleasures Sandblasted Spoon

Throw this Working From Home Tee on and tie a flannel shirt around your waste to experience the millennial flashback you’ve always wanted. This comfy tee is made from a cotton-blend and looks great on your back or in that chair that doubles as a laundry basket.

GRAV® x Pleasures Working from Home Bundle


The GRAV® x Pleasures Work From Home Bundle has everything you need to elevate your workspace and vibes -- because work should be a pleasure.

Includes the limited edition GRAV® x Pleasures Working from Home Small Wide Base, a GRAV® x Pleasures Sandblasted Spoon in your choice of light cobalt or black, and a GRAV® x Pleasures Working from Home Sticker Pack.

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