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The First All Glass Modular Smoking System

Customize Your Own Unique Assembly


STAX is the first all glass, modular smoking system. Components lock together in thousands of possible combinations. The STAX collection is a showcase for all of GRAV’s brands and design features.

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Every STAX assembly is capped with a mouthpiece. Classic mouthpieces - like the Helix and Triple Pinch - add a final filter to your hit. Newer designs - like the Angled Mouthpiece - make it easier to build to the limits of your aspirations.

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Percs form the backbone of a STAX assembly. STAX offers five percs, each with its own balance of filtration and diffusion. Percs are more affordable than traditional water pipes, so you can grow your collection as your budget allows.

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STAX bases are built to shoulder the weight of even the most ambitious assemblies. Each of the six STAX bases - from the powerful Turbine to the versatile Dual -Function Inline - gets your hit off to a smooth start.

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