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Create Our Next Poster!
Would you like to have your art featured on a GRAV poster? Do you want the chance to win a motherlode of free GRAV products?
Then enter our 420 Find Your Higher Self poster design contest! We’re looking for a fun and creative design that expresses what “find your higher self” means to you. The theme is open to interpretation, but your artwork must incorporate the GRAV logo, provided below. The winner will have their art featured on a poster that will be released in time for 4/20/2020 and will receive a product from every category of GRAV inventory.


Graphic Design
Graphic Design & Illustration
Painting & Drawing
Mixed Media & Photography


12pm on 3/8 to 12am on 4/12
The winner will be announced on 4/20/2019

The design can be created in any two-dimensional visual medium, and it must be uploaded here in a high-quality file. In addition to your artwork, please submit a short statement (500 words or less) that tells us a little bit about you, the inspiration behind your artwork, and any social media account or personal website you’d like us to promote. We also need your contact information in order to contact you and send your prize if you win the contest.


  • You must be 21 years of age or older at the time of entry.
  • You must live in the continental United States to be eligible to enter.
  • You must provide us with your full name, Instagram handle and website if applicable, email, phone number, and mailing address in order to be considered as a winner and to receive a prize.
  • Any work you submit must be completely original. Any artwork that contains plagiarism or copyrighted images will automatically be disqualified.
  • Any work with inappropriate or offensive subject matter will automatically be disqualified.

File Guidelines

  • File name must follow this format: LastName_ArtworkTitle, so we don't lose your entry!
  • File format must be a JPG or PDF
  • 25 MB maximum file size
  • 5475 pixels width by 7275 pixels height (18.25 inches width by 24.25 inches height) at 300 DPI
  • GRAV logo included within the artwork


All artwork will be carefully considered by the GRAV creative team. It will be judged on how well it embodies the theme, the quality of the aesthetics, and how it would translate to a mass-produced poster.


In addition to having your artwork featured on a GRAV poster, and your website or portfolio promoted by GRAV, the winner will receive the motherlode of GRAV products. This collection is worth over $2,000, and it consists of an item from every product category. It will include bestsellers, newest pieces, and the iconic and discontinued GRAV Cup, as well as clothing and other smoking accessories.
The top 5 finalists (outside of the grand prize winner) will receive 1 GRAV pipe and have their artwork promoted on social media.

The Absolute 420 Motherlode

  • GRAV® Classic Spoon - Lake Green
  • GRAV® Classic Sherlock - Black
  • GRAV® Gandalf - Blue
  • GRAV® Rocker Steamroller - White
  • GRAV® Pebble Spoon - Green
  • GRAV® Saxophone Sherlock - White
  • GRAV® Beaker Spoon - Amber
  • GRAV® Mini Steamroller - Opaque Yellow
  • 6mm GRAV® Octo-taster with Silicone Skin - Teal
  • GRAV® Glass Blunt w/ Silicone Grommet - Blue
  • GRAV® Cup - White
  • GRAV® Umbrella Perc Rig - Black Accents
  • GRAV® Upline® Hammer Bubbler - Red Decal
  • GRAV® Large Upright Bubbler - Black Accents
  • 13" GRAV® Dual-Function Inline Water Pipe - Clear
  • GRAV® Small Wide Base Water Pipe
  • GRAV® Extra Large Beaker - Black Accents
  • GRAV® Orbis Amphora Water Pipe
  • GRAV® Medium Gravitron®
  • GRAV® Conical Pocket Bubbler
  • GRAV® Arcline™ Hemisphere Bubbler
  • GRAV® Helix™ 14mm Pre-Mix Chamber
  • GRAV® Dugout
  • GRAV® 3-Piece Grinder
  • GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl
  • GRAV® Camp Hat
  • Dimebag Bag
  • GRAV® Poster - Find Your Higher Self
  • GRAV® Oatmeal 4/20 Shirt

T's & C's

By entering this contest, you agree to let GRAV® reproduce, alter, and display your work and your name for any business or promotional purposes, and you acknowledge that you won’t receive compensation for your artwork now or in the future.

Contest Closed!

Stay tuned, we'll be announcing the winner as soon as possible!
Until then we can hang out on instagram!


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