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GRAV® Clear Menorah
GRAV® Clear Menorah
GRAV® Clear Menorah
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If you're into non-traditional traditions, the GRAV® Menorah will really spin your dreidel. This water pipe features eight GRAV® 10mm cup bowls that all feed one big bubbler chamber. A hefty angled mouthpiece allows you to take on the whole chamber at once, and a sturdy glass foot allows you to display this piece to its full advantage during your own festival of lights. Hanukkah's about the miracle of oil lasting for 8 nights, but will you last for all 8 bowls? There's only one way to find out. The Menorah has limited holiday availability, so get it while you can!
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Comes with: Eight 10mm Cup Bowls
Designed by: Stephan Peirce
Filtration type: Massive Bubbler Chamber
Joint: 10mm Female
Length height: 14"
Use with: Flower