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GRAV® Upline® Upright Bubbler
GRAV® Upline® Upright Bubbler
GRAV® Upline® Upright Bubbler
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The Upline® Upright Bubbler is 9" tall and made on 75mm tubing. Its ladder perc restrictions create bubbler chambers that wash and filter smoke. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the bubbler to prevent damage. The lip of its mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for comfort, and its mouthpiece restrictions capture and ripple light. The Upline® Upright Bubbler comes ready to use with a 14mm Octobowl and works best with approximately 2" of water.

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Comes with: 14mm Octobowl
Designed by: Micah Evans
Filtration type: Ladder Perc, Fission Downstem & Glass Screen
Joint: 14mm Female
Length height: 9"
Use with: Flower