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GRAV® Limited Edition Lavender Globe Rig
GRAV® Limited Edition Lavender Globe Rig - GRAV®
GRAV® Limited Edition Lavender Globe Rig
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Partake in a dreamy delight. This captivating spherical dab rig features two tones of lavender, a clear lavender globe, and an opaque interior downstem featuring intricate percolation that adds extra elegance.

Experience the magic as the 10-hole conical-shaped perc delicately guides each hit through water, creating a swirling spectacle reminiscent of a snow globe. As the smoke dances within, it cools into a smooth and flavorful pull. This dab rig includes a perfectly paired 90-degree long neck quartz banger.

Why the Lavender Globe Rig is dope:
- Limited edition two-tone colors
- Like having a planet in the palm of your hand
- Everybody knows Lavender is chill AF

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    Designed by: Micah Evans
    Height -mm: 114.3
    Joint: 14mm Female
    Length -mm: 120.7
    Main material: Borosilicate
    Use with: Concentrate