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GRAV® Smoke Empress
GRAV® Smoke Empress
GRAV® Smoke Empress
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The Smoke Empress bong represents a beautiful and powerful queen with a darker side. The Smoke Empress is a must-have for new GRAV collectors and those who appreciate excellent design.

This 13-inch tall beaker-style water bong is an ideal balance of minimal design with smooth function. The broad base of the Smoke Empress is stable, and the custom eight-slotted Diamond perc is mounted into the bottom of the base for maximum filtration. In addition, the dramatic curves that form the Empress’ hourglass figure are made to be easily gripped and comfortable to hold.

The smoke grey features of this borosilicate bong give it a bold and classy appearance. The Smoke Empress will surely be a treasured addition to your collection and make you feel like royalty.

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Designed by: Micah Evans
Height: 0
Joint: 14mm Male
Length: 0
Use with: Flower & Concentrate
Width: 0