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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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7 Favorite CBD Coffee Drinks in Austin

Since last year’s much-discussed CBD legalization, sales of the compound have skyrocketed. It seems like CBD dispensaries have popped up on every corner, selling flowers, salves, oils, and edibles.

Another place that we’ve seen a CBD-surge is in local coffee shops.

At first, it seems counterintuitive. Why combine CBD, a calming compound, with coffee, an energizer? Well, proponents say the combo provides the energy of caffeine, but without the jitters. Extra focus, no tension. For the anxious types (hello!) who want a pick-me-up, CBD coffee could be the answer.

Plus, CBD’s mild earthy taste is usually completely masked by the strong flavor of coffee. So all you’ll taste is that roasty-toasty goodness.

While CBD is popping up on menus around town, it can’t be found everywhere. So we’ve put together a list of 7 favorite CBD drinks in Austin, and where you can find them. From pre-bottle versions to made-to-order by your barista, these drinks will keep you energized and balanced. And they’ll taste damn fine in the process.

1. Cuvée Coffee Nitro Hemp Oil Cold Brew

Local coffee roasters Cuvée Coffee made history when they developed the first-ever canned nitro cold brew. It’s super creamy, has just a bit of natural sweetness (no sugar), and it will give you a major kick in the butt when your energy is low.

Then they went and added hemp oil. Each can of Nitro Hemp Oil Cold Brew has a modest 10mg of hemp oil, so you’ll probably get more energy from this particular can. You can find these cans at Central Market, select HEB’s, and at Cuvée’s East Cesar Chavez coffee shop. If you prefer a freshly-made CBD coffee, just ask your barista to add a shot to your drink when you order.

2. Espresso at Flamingo Hemp Bodega

It’s Friday night, and you’re downtown listening to some extremely chill reggae at the classic venue, Flamingo Cantina. You’re feeling a little tired, but you don’t want to upset this mellow that you’re getting from the music. If only there were somewhere nearby where you could get a shot of espresso with a little CBD oil added in.

You turn around and — gasp! Is that a tiny bodega over there, serving CBD coffee and edibles? It is! Flamingo Hemp Bodega is located inside East 6th’s Flamingo Cantina. The menu is simple — coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos. They also sell muffins, scones, and cookies, all made by Keep Austin Baked using Flamingo’s own CBD-infused coconut oil.

3. Nature’s Joint Full Spectrum Infused Frappe

What do you do when you’re in the mood for a sweet Starbucks-style bev, but you really want some CBD too? And you want to support a local business? We gotcha covered.

Nature’s Joint in way South Austin is a dispensary/cafe that sells goodies like CBD lollipops, brownies, honey (excellent for adding to tea), and even cotton candy. They have a selection of CBD-infused coffee roasts and teas, and they have both hazelnut and french vanilla CBD frappes. I don’t care if they’re basic. They’re delicious.

Bonus — it’s right across from Valentina’s BBQ, so you can get a little pick-me-up after you eat your weight in brisket.

4. Sunriser Cold Brew

Sunriser Cold Brew contains two things — smooth Ethiopian coffee and broad-spectrum CBD. With 30mg of CBD per 8 oz can, there’s a higher dose in Sunriser than in many of the other pre-made CBD coffees on the market. But any CBD flavor is undetectable under the bright cold brew flavor.

Sunriser is available all over town at places like Royal Blue Grocery, Wheatsville Co-op, Thom’s Market, People’s Rx, and Whip In. You can also find it on tap at Central Machine Works on E. 7th St.

5. Picnik’s Mayan Mocha

Picnik’s menu is 100% gluten-free, corn-free, peanut-free, and soy-free. It’s also 100% delicious. While none of their coffee drinks come with CBD oil by default, you can add a 15mg squirt of SunUp CBD oil to any drink.

The Mayan Mocha has rich fats like butter and MCT oil, cayenne and cinnamon for kick, and stevia and maple syrup for sweetness. Plus ashwagandha, lucuma, and cordyceps mushrooms. Anything with that many big words in it has to be good for you, right?

Picnik has two trailer locations in South Austin, and a brick and mortar on Burnet Road.

6. Juiceland’s Golden Mylk Coffee Latte

Juiceland may be our local fresh juice juggernaut, but they have great coffee drinks too. My personal favorite smoothie on their menu (which is probably also the least healthy) is the Percolator. It’s a blend of cold brew, almond milk, banana, cacao, and cinnamon.

They have hot drinks too, like a mocha latte made with cold brew coffee and sweetened with dates, cacao, and vanilla. Or try their Golden Mylk Coffee Latte with cold brew, turmeric, cinnamon, and coconut oil.

Just like at Picnik, you can add CBD hemp oil to anything on the menu. And with nearly 30 Austin locations, you’re never far from that sweet sweet CBD goodness.

7. Hemp Matcha Latte at Curcuma Kitchen

Curcuma Kitchen’s food truck on E. Cesar Chavez has a phenomenal plant-based menu full of coffees, lattes, and tonics. Their Hemp Matcha Latte is sweetened with lucuma (a Peruvian fruit) and Medjool dates. And it has 30mg of CBD oil, too.

Matcha is not coffee. But it is caffeinated, and it’s very tasty. Matcha on its own provides a very mellow mental crispness. Adding the CBD should make for a very relaxed but alert state.

Since CBD’s legal status has only recently changed, there is still room for growth in our local CBD coffee scene. Some coffee shops may be waiting to see if the FDA is going to crack down on its use in food and drink before they commit. But in the meantime, there are plenty of tasty bevs in the area that serve up both caffeine and cannabinoids.

Come celebrate this lovely combo with us at Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden on Tuesday, March 3rd from 9am - 11am. The first 50 people to purchase CBD coffee at Cosmic will get an unreleased GRAV coffee cup, because we love you thiiiiiiis much!

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