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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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9 Best ATX Bars & Restaurants with CBD on the Menu

This article is presented for educational and informational purposes only. It does not contain medical advice.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know your body actually produces cannabinoids? Seriously. You have an endocannabinoid system that is at work right now regulating functions like sleep, mood, and memory. 

And some experts think that a deficiency in your internal endocannabinoid production could lead to illnesses and migraines. 

Why risk it? Maybe a little supplemental CBD will keep your system in tip-top shape. And if you’re going to take a dose, you might as well have it in something delicious. So in no particular order, here are 9 of the best bars and restaurants in Austin with CBD on the menu. 

1. Provision

The cocktail menu at Provision in northwest Austin is a work of art. The drinks are chock full of creative ingredients like balsamic vinegar, carrot ginger puree, and butterscotch-infused rye. Plus, they’ve created a whole selection of no proof and low proof cocktails for people who want something delicious without the hangover. 

CBD options at Provision include the Irie Daiquiri, which is made with Jamaican rum, honey, lime, and local SunUp CBD. If you’d rather get your dose in dessert form, try their fruit cobbler with blueberry CBD in the filling.

Or if you have your eye on something else, you can ask your bartender to add a dose to your no proof, low proof, or full proof cocktail. 

2. Prohibition Creamery

Ice cream is great. Alcohol is great. Ice cream and alcohol combined are great squared. 

Prohibition Creamery on East 7th Street makes small-batch ice creams from local ingredients and adds a healthy dose of booze like mezcal, rum, or whiskey to send it over the top. Booze free options are also available for kids and non-drinkers.

And of course, they have a CBD option as well. The Afternoon Delight is CBD-infused red velvet ice cream with a swirl of rich cream cheese frosting. Delightful.

3. Central Machine Works

The 10,000 square feet of Central Machine Works’ iconic East Austin building used to be a machine shop that built airplane parts during WWII. Now, this bit of Austin history contains a beer hall and working brewery, plus a full bar and outdoor stage for live music. 

After you’ve tried one of their house brews, move on to the Sunriser — a vodka cocktail with nitro CBD infused cold brew, coconut, and cardamom. 

4. Grizzelda’s

With tropical and floral print wallpaper, hot pink accents, and a rosary-swathed statue of St. Francis, Grizzelda’s is A Mood. The menu here is Mexican with Texas influences, but it’s not your average TexMex. Entrees feature dry-aged Texas beef, Mexico City-style mole, and mac & cheese full of chorizo and sweet corn. 

On the drink side, you can add ReStart CBD to any beverage for $3. Or try the Slow Your Roll Cocktail, a tropical concoction of Tito’s Vodka, coconut, passion fruit, ginger beer, and CBD oil.

5. Picnik

Paleo-friendly Picnik started in a repurposed shipping container, and has since expanded into two trucks and a brick and mortar location. Their menu is big on nutrients, and all-natural local ingredients. So even when you’re fork deep in an order of Smashed Fried Potatoes, you can feel okay about it. 

You can add CBD to any drink on the Picnik menu. But they also have a few CBD specialties, like the Picnik and Chill made with tequila, Fresno chili, hibiscus honey simple syrup, and grapefruit, plus CBD. If tequila makes your clothes fall off, try the High Tea instead. This one has Rumble whiskey, earl grey maple syrup, orange, and CBD. 

6. Kinda Tropical

The East Side’s Kinda Tropical has a dreamy Austin-meets-Gauguin vibe (but without the problematic creepy stuff. Gauguin was gross.) From the outside, this retro cafe and restaurant looks like a run-down corner store, which is what it used to be. But on the inside, it’s a gentle homage to a beachside bodega, with unfussy furniture and a plethora of plants. 

Kinda Tropical carries their own special tincture from LS Naturals that you can add to your drink, or buy a bottle to take home. And during brunch, try their CBD Waffle, imprinted with a giant marijuana leaf. Why not?

7. NadaMoo! Scoop Shop

Although NadaMoo! has been delighting the dairy-free in Austin since 2005, it wasn’t until 2018 that they built a storefront for their coconut milk ice cream and shakes. 

The menu is subject to change, but recently there were sightings of two different coconut milkshakes with CBD on the menu. The Strawberry Shortcake is made with CBD strawberry sauce, and the Southern Hospitality shake is made with peach cobbler ice cream, bourbon caramel, and CBD. 

8. Tiny Pies

Delicious pies, shrunk into adorable individual sizes, and spiked with a little CBD? Now you’re seriously speaking my language. These baby baked goods come in tons of delicious flavors, like cherry, crème brûlée, and savory pot pies. 

One of their most popular is the Texas Two Step, available in both CBD and non-CBD versions. Classic Texas pecan filling is mixed with bits of chocolate brownie for a rich, indulgent pie that tastes much bigger than it is. And since it’s so small, you won’t have to share it with anyone. Bonus. 

9. Flyrite Chicken 

Chicken and CBD. Probably not the most common of combos. No, they’re not putting it in the breading on their awesome chicken sandwiches at Flyrite Chicken (although that’s a great idea). But they do carry Restart CBD, which you can add to your drink. 

Activated charcoal lemonade is a solid vehicle for your CBD consumption, and I promise it tastes much better than it sounds. Or you can add a few drops to a vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or salted caramel milkshake. (Note — CBD is only available at their East 7th and Burnet Road locations.)

If nothing on this list sounds appealing to you, just wait it out. More and more bars and restaurants are adding CBD to their menus. Soon, a CBD add-on could be as common as that drunk guy who thinks the bartender’s garnish tray is his own particular snack bar. But CBD is much more welcome.

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