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  • By Megan Farley
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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A GRAV Holiday Gift Guide

As someone who lives with (and loves) a “professional” smoker, shopping for cannabis friendly gifts has become a big part of my Holiday tradition, and I love it! If you aren’t giving the gift of cannabis, you are missing out! Honestly, what smoker in your life wouldn’t want something toke-able to unwrap this year? I’ll wait….

Exactly! So, as I was saying…

It is officially the time of year for showering your loved ones with gifts and while I don’t believe that gifts are a necessity for Holiday cheer, they sure are fun to shop for! Whether you are looking to stack the gifts to the ceiling or choose the minimalist approach to gift giving, I highly suggest a GRAV themed shopping list!

Not sure where to start? Well, obviously, I’ve got you covered there! I have put together a list of my fave GRAV selections for every smoker on your list and I think you’re going to love it. Grab yourself a pen and some Holiday themed paper of your choosing and let’s start knocking out some gifts!

  1. 1

    The Small Wide Base Water Pipe


    For the "purist" smoker...
    This water pipe is perfect for the smoker in your life who prefers their cannabis in flower form and their high pure and clean. When you want no frills, just powerful and smooth hits, this is your piece. Stunning enough to be displayed proudly but compact enough to be stored away easily when needed. This gift pairs perfectly with a bottle of RezBlock to help ensure the pipe keeps its pure appeal at all times.

  2. 2

    The Coffee Mug Bubbler


    For the "Wake and Bake" smoker...
    This is the perfect piece for any cannabis loving coffee enthusiasts in your life. No, you can’t drink coffee out of it, but you can drink coffee out of an actual mug while you smoke cannabis out of it. Feels like a win-win to me, yah? It’s an added bonus that the handle on this little bubbler makes it ultra-comfortable to hold and super easy to hit. When you are still feeling that morning fog, the added stability while smoking can really come in handy. I highly recommend pairing this gem with a bag of tasty coffee or a gift card to a local java shop. Yah I said Java, just go with it.

  3. 4

    The Pocket Flask Vape


    For the "On-the-Go" smoker...
    Vaping your cannabis is one of the more discreet and convenient methods out there. This pocket flask vape takes both of those factors up a notch. The shape mimics a classic flask and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand allowing for subtle hits no matter where you are. It can be carried in your pocket, clutch, or carry-on, to work, the bar, or your in-laws place, the choice is yours! My only suggestion, make sure that you are pairing this vape with lab-tested, high quality, reputable and safe cartridges. A little research goes along way! Include one of those top-notch cartridges with this gift for added karma points.

  4. 5

    The GRAV Dugout


    For the "Outdoorsy" smoker...
    For the smoker who doesn’t feel comfortable vaping, or who may just prefer the taste of fresh flower, I suggest this sleek dugout from GRAV. This handheld piece is like the swiss army knife of cannabis. It includes a taster, grinder, flower storage and poker all at your fingertips so you can smoke the real stuff any day, anytime. In addition to being durable, much life the flask, it can be carried conveniently in your pocket or handbag. GRAV helps you take this gift to the next level by including a protective carrying case, complete with its own carabiner, making this piece even more on-the-go friendly!

  5. 6

    The Spherical Pocket Bubbler


    For the "Minimalist" smoker...
    This piece is perfect for the person in your life who likes to keep their footprint small but likes their cannabis flavors big. The spherical shape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and despite its size you can expect a smooth and powerful hit every time. It doesn’t hurt that it is absolutely adorable and would look great displayed on any shelf. When you need one perfect piece that is small but mighty, look no further. Want added versatility? Include a 10mm banger so your friends can enjoy some tasty dab hits as well.

  6. 7

    The Smell-Proof Pouch


    For the "Explorative" smoker...
    Whether your loved ones like to hike, camp, or travel, this smell proof pouch is a must-have for any explorer in your life. The rubber zipper helps to lock in the pungent smells of your tasty buds, while the sleek design is fashion (and vegan) friendly. Carry the bag as a wristlet or pack it into a backpack or suitcase when on the go. Toss in a few pre-rolls, edibles, or even some fresh flower with your favorite pipe and start exploring. This gift pairs perfectly with a classic steamroller. I prefer the gorge GRAV steamroller in yellow and the black smell-proof pouch, for anyone asking. Gift wrap is optional. *Wink, Wink*

  7. 8

    The Octo-Taster with Silicone Skin


    For the "Newbie" smoker...
    While this is a great piece for any smoker, and a personal favorite of mine, if you have any newbie smokers in your life this piece is perfect! It holds just the right amount of flower and the built-in glass filter helps to create a smooth and easy smoking experience. The silicone skin will hold in any un-smoked flower between uses and adds a fun pop of color. At just $11.99 there really are no excuses here. I think the real question is… how many do you need? Might I suggest matching tasters for the whole family? Just a thought.

  8. 9

    The Clear Hourglass Recycler


    For the "Next-level" smoker...
    I think we all have that one friend, or family member, who wants to “win” at smoking. They blow those gorgeous smoke rings, take unreal bong rips, and pipes just don’t always cut it for them. If you happen to love that person, enough to drop a couple of bills on them, this is the piece. It’s smooth, it’s clean, it’s cool, and it’s a freaking showstopper. Honestly, no gift pairings needed here. Just add a pretty bow and you are good to go!


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