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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2024-06-11 | Jun 11, 2024
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Do you really need a separate piece if you want to get into dabbing? After all, you already have a perfectly good bong. So why not just toss a banger on that bad boy and call it a day?

Well, you can. 

But whether or not you’d want to is a bit more complicated. 

Find out when you may want to convert your bong into a dab rig, and when it may make more sense to pick up a dedicated piece for your career in concentrate.

Why Use a Bong as a Dab Rig?

Can you use a bong as a dab rig? Sure you can. And sometimes—but not always—it works out just great.

If you have a smaller bong that you love, then you may already be on your way to dabbing goodness. All you’ll need is a compatible banger and a torch and you’re good to go. 

So what do we mean by compatible?

Your banger must have the right joint type, angle, and size to work with your existing bong. 

Joint Type

Bongs and bubblers, as well as bowls and bangers are either “male” or “female.” Male joints are inserted into female joints. (Get your head out of the gutter.) And female joints sit over male joints. 

Most GRAV bongs and bubblers have female joints, while our bowls and bangers usually have male joints. But if your piece and your banger are both male or both female, you’ll need an adapter to go in between to make them work together. 


Most bangers come with either a 90° or a 45° neck angle. If your bong’s joint is straight up and down, you’ll probably need a 90° banger so the bucket sits horizontal when it’s inserted. And if your bong’s joint is angled, you’ll probably need a 45° banger


The joint size of both your bong and banger need to match up. Standard joint sizes include 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, with 14mm the most common. But if you have a mismatch between bong and banger, you may be able to find an adapter (like this one) to make them compatible. 

By just purchasing a banger to use with a bong you already have, you can save some hard-earned cash. But if you need an adapter as well, your costs will go up.


Why NOT to Use a Bong as a Dab Rig

If your current bong is a big ‘un, then it may not be a good choice as a long-term dab rig. 


For starters, vapor from oils is much more potent than smoke from flower. If you fill a huge dab rig with concentrate vapor, it may take multiple pulls to clear it—and your vapor can go stale in the process. 

Another reason: bold flavor is one of the reasons many people love dabs. But the excess water filtration and air cooling in a larger rig can dilute that dankness and drop the quality of your pull.  

And finally, you may lose more of your dab to resin buildup in the interior of a large pipe. So while you save money short-term by not buying a second piece, you may lose money long-term on wasted product. 

That being said, you can absolutely get a banger to use with a larger piece if you want to test the dabbing waters before committing to a whole dab rig. It’s just not the most optimal way to enjoy your oils long-term.

Why Use a Dedicated Dab Rig?

So now let’s look at our other option: a dedicated dab rig. 

Dab rigs are designed to optimize the flavor and potency of your concentrate. So if little things like “quality” are important to you, then a dab rig can provide a better overall dabbing experience. 

Also, since dab rigs usually come with a banger, you won’t need to worry about hunting down a compatible banger for your existing bong. 

Plus, more glass is just more fun. 

You can choose a dab rig that fits your preferences—a larger piece (but not TOO large) if you want to max out potency, or a smaller one if you want to control your intake, or if you’re new to the #dablife. 

And since most already come with a banger, you won’t need to buy another accessory. But you can choose to upgrade your setup with a carb cap, pillar, or marbles/pearls as you become more comfortable with the dabbing process

Why NOT to Get a Dab Rig

The obvious reason not to get a dab rig? The cost. It’s clearly cheaper to buy a $15 to $25 banger than it is to buy a whole new piece. But since most dab rigs are modest in size, you can get one without breaking the bank. In fact, you can get a premium GRAV rig with a banger for under $100. 

Another possible reason? Storage. If you’re short on space, you may be concerned about adding another piece of equipment to your collection. 

But you can save on space with a hybrid piece that works well with both flower and concentrate. Get the best of both a bubbler and a dab rig by purchasing one piece. Then just swap out a banger or a bowl to suit your mood that day. Check out the GRAV® Eclipse Rig or GRAV® Rain Rig as great hybrid options. Both pieces have a small footprint and they can pack a punch with the included banger or by adding an affordable bowl. 

Whichever route you choose, you can get equipped with GRAV. We’ve got your bongs and bubblers. We’ve got your dab rigs. We’ve got your bowls and bangers. Check out our collections and get everything you’ll need, whether you’re starting fresh or upgrading your setup.

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