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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2024-06-04 | Jun 04, 2024
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What’s your connection to concentrate? 

Are you hitting the shatter on a daily basis? Switching back and forth between dabs and flower? Or are you just getting acquainted with the ways of wax?

(If so, check out our Dabbing FAQ.) 

Whatever your style, there’s a dab rig to match. This rig roundup will walk you through some of our top pieces—and help you choose the right one for your unique place on the concentrate continuum. 

Basic (But Not Boring) Rigs for Daily Dabbers

When you need a dedicated dabbing machine, you want a basic dab rig. These pieces are primarily designed for concentrate and add major versatility to your collection. 

Dab rigs can come in sizes from handheld to enormous (and expensive). If you plan to customize your setup with an oversized or electric banger, look for a big dab rig that can hold the extra weight. 

At GRAV®, our dedicated dab rig line is called Orbis. These beauties are defined by their ball-and-socket shaped mouthpiece that prevents splashback. With clear glass and black accents, they’re high in design and compact in size. 

Orbis Coppa Water Pipe

The tallest piece in the Orbis line, this beauty has a fixed cone-shaped downstem for smooth diffusion and circulation. 
Orbis Coppa

Orbis Lume Water Pipe

The Lume’s unusual shape was inspired by vintage lampshades. The wide base keeps it steady on your tabletop, and the compact size keeps draws modest, smooth, and easier on your lungs. 
Orbis Lume

Orbis Borocca Water Pipe

The Borocca is the smallest piece in the Orbis collection at just over 6.5” tall. But its drum-shaped chamber can collect plenty of vapor for heady dabs.
Orbis Borocca 

Hybrid Dab Rigs for a Versatile Voyage

You want options? Then you want a hybrid rig. 

A hybrid dab rig is any water piece that you can use to smoke both flower and concentrate. Just swap out your bowl for a banger (or vice versa) depending on your mood that day. That’s double the possibilities, without investing in a second piece. 

GRAV has a diverse selection of hybrid dab rigs. Some come with a bubbler, some come with a bowl, but they all work beautifully with both.

Globe Bubbler

For the ultimate smooth operator, the Globe Bubbler has no equal. The 12-hole conical perc disburses smoke or vapor evenly every time. It comes with a Cup Bowl, but you can add a 14mm 90° quartz banger to turn it into a dab rig. 
Globe Bubbler - Clear or Smoke

Milk Carton Bubbler

It’s a bubbler, a dab rig, and a conversation starter. The favorite Milk Carton Bubbler will bring you back to playground days—without the standardized tests. This cutie comes in clear and five gorg colors, with a 14mm Cup Bowl. Add a 14mm 45° Male Banger to use as a dab rig.
Milk Carton Bubbler

Wedge Bubbler Rig

Keep dabs quick and comfortable with the Wedge Bubbler Rig. Smooth angles and rounded edges make this piece a delight to hold, white the narrow shape concentrates your vapor. Includes a 14mm 45° Male Banger. Add a 14mm Cup Bowl to use with flower. 
Wedge Bubbler Rig

Coffee Mug Bubbler

The best part of waking up is cabbage in your cup. The Coffee Mug Bubbler is a playful design that doesn’t need to take up major space to make a statement. Watch smoke move through the handle-integrated downstem before building big hits in the roomy chamber.  Comes with a 14mm Cup Bowl. Add a 14mm 90° Male Banger to use as a dab rig. 
Coffee Mug Bubbler

Wobble Bubbler

The Wobble Bubbler is part water piece, part fidget spinner. Give it a twirl on its edge and it will rotate 360° without falling over. Hits are big—bigger than you’d expect in this 5 ¼” package. Look down through the mushroom dome to watch smoke swirl while you pull. This bubbler comes with a 14mm Cup Bowl. Add 14mm 45° Male Banger for dabs.
Wobble Bubbler

Medium Upright Bubbler

With its moderate size and sturdy base, the Medium Upright Bubbler is a perfect starting point for customization. Swap out the included 14mm Cup Bowl for a 14mm 90° Male Banger, a slurper, or an e-nail to dab just how you like. 
Medium Upright Bubbler

Itty Bitty Mini Dab Rigs for the Concentrate-Curious

Mini rigs can be many things. An entry point into the world of dabbing. A go-to companion for traveling dabbers. Or a tried-and-true solution when you want to dab without getting wrecked.

But while they pack a smaller punch, they can also give you some of the best tasting concentrate. That’s because the vapor has a shorter path to travel, and less time to get stale. 

The best part? GRAV® mini rigs double as hybrid rigs. Concentrate today. Flower tomorrow. 


Rain Rig

The Rain started out as one of our most popular bubblers. So we gave it an inside-out refresh to make it a perfect dabber, too. 

By widening the downstem and adding a new showerhead perc, this updated version lets vapor flow with practically zero drag. But while it’s been tweaked for concentrate and comes with a banger, it’s still a perfect flower piece. Just swap out the included banger for a 14mm bowl.
Rain Rig

Eclipse Rig

While this mini rig has a similar shape to the beloved Globe Bubbler, it measures up at 1” shorter than the Globe. Designed for dabs, this baby comes with a 10mm 90° Quartz Banger. Add a 10mm Cup Bowl for flower.
Eclipse Rig

Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

This Hourglass doesn’t tell time. But it does help you better enjoy the time you have. Fill the small 3” chamber with smoke or vapor—the pinched middle is easy to grip, and the 3.25” straw will prevent splashback. Comes with a bowl for flower, or swap out a 10mm 90° Quartz Banger.
Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

Spherical Pocket Bubbler

If you’re into small sessions, the Spherical Pocket Bubbler is a winner. Palm-sized and portable, it’s perfect for travel or backyard hangs. And it’s so small it makes your hands look massive. Get it in five colors plus clear, and swap the bowl for a 10mm 45° Quartz Banger for a mini dab rig. 
Spherical Pocket Bubbler

Mini Beaker

It’s a 6” science experiment that you’re gonna love. The Mini Beaker’s wide base makes it sturdy enough for a quartz banger, while its small size is easy to stash anywhere when not in use. Comes with a 10mm Cup Bowl. Add a 10mm 45° Quartz Banger to turn it into a mini rig. 
Mini Beaker

Mini Round Base Water Pipe

Fill the compact chamber of the Mini Round Base Water Pipe, then clear it in a quick, fresh rip. Small but solid, this micro piece is love at first puff. Swap out the included bowl for a 10mm 45° Quartz Banger for dabs. 
Mini Round Base

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