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  • 2023-06-06 | Jun 06, 2023
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Gift Ideas For Stoner Dads

We love dads, in all their many variations. 

And no lie—we particularly love the current generaton of dads. They’re a more hands-on breed than many of the dads of the past. Physically present for their kids. More emotionally available. Not bragging that they’ve never changed a diaper.

In honor of Father’s Day—and to help you find the perfect gift for the family patriarch—here’s our rundown of 10 types of delightful dads, and the weed pipes and bongs they may like best.

The National Park Dad

On a Saturday morning, you’ll find the National Park Dad carefully lashing his kayak to the roof of his mid-sized SUV. When he’s finished, he’ll tug on the nylon rope and say, satisfied, “That’s not going anywhere.”

This Nature Master is happiest when he’s outdoors. His idea of the perfect vacation is a week in a tent, drinking cowboy coffee and grilling his impressing fishing haul. For this on-the-go guy, the GRAV® Octo-Taster with Silicone Skin is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Wrapped in shock-resistant silicone, pops can toss it into his rucksack for hiking excursions or white water rafting trips. And the silicone comes in six colors, so he can match it to his Yeti cooler.

The Playful Dad

When the Playful Dad has little kids, his natural habitat is on their level. You’ll find this specimen down on the floor, building LEGO houses or having a tea party. And once the kids are grown, he’s a blast to be around—especially when he’s blasted.

Help him get there with the Gravitron, the first all-glass gravity bong and the creation that got GRAV started. After a few pressurized hits, he’ll feel like a kid again. See what kind of shenanigans the two of you can get up to, now that you’re both grown. 

Go Go Gadget Dad

He abandoned CDs for the first-gen iPod way back in 2001. He can control his Smart light switches from his phone. The stovetop? That’s induction, baby.

Now, a high-tech dad could go for a fancy vape. But we’re glass folks around here. So for the gadget dads on our list, we’re picking the GRAV® Deco Beaker in Silicone. Food-grade silicone wraps the mouthpiece, base, and downstem connection for shock protection. And that classic beaker look just screams “SCIENCE!” 

Professor Dad

This dad is one classy customer. His high standards were a nightmare when you were a kid, but now you can (kinda) see where he was coming from. You’ll find this old school fella reading a book (no e-readers, thanks) about ancient civilizations or WWII submarines.

Give this lover of learning a pipe that makes him feel like the wizened gentleman he is—the GRAV® Gandalf. After a puff on this thing, he’ll be ready to share his sagacity with us lesser mortals. 

The Foodie Dad

His coffee comes from Kona. His beef is always prime. His cabinets are stocked with a dozen varieties of salt. The Foodie Dad knows what makes good eats, and he’s willing to invest the time and money into the best dining. 

For the dad who has turned food into a personality, the GRAV® Coffee Mug Bubbler is the perfect Father’s Day gift. It hits super smooth, and he can add a banger to turn it into a dab rig. Bon appétit.

The OG Stoner Dad

This chill guy is the quintessential stoner dad. He takes “laid back” to the next level. He rinses and reuses his zipper baggies. He’s never met a pair of Birkenstocks he didn’t like. He sticks to mellow indica strains, and is always willing to share. 

The OG Stoner Dad walked so the next generation of smokers could run. Show your appreciation with the GRAV® Classic Spoon, a slick version of the iconic spoon shape. He’ll be stoked on the inverted ash-catching mouthpiece that keeps herb out of his mouth. Prepare for a long story about that time he made a pipe out of a potato in college.

The Cool Dad

He’s not a regular dad. He’s a cool dad. Maybe he’s got a record collection that would make a DJ weep. Maybe he fixes up vintage motorcycles in his spare time. Maybe he’s an artist, or a novelist, or a collector of fine whiskeys. Cool Dads don’t all present the same, but they appreciate fine craftsmanship and individuality. 

For this hip papa, the GRAV® Empress Water Pipe is the clear choice. This 13” work of art has a stand-out diamond cut perc for easy pulls and a sleek look. No better way to unwind after a hard day of being cool as hell.

The Mind-Body Dad

The Mind-Body Dad wants a fit physique and an elevated mental state. It’s not just about muscles—it’s about balance. You may find him lifting heavy at the gym or keeping limber at yoga. But for this guy, a healthy body and a healthy mind are equally important. 

Help him find that balance with the GRAV® Rocker Sherlock. Even weight distribution in this slick hand pipe lets it rest at that perfect middle. Give it a tap, and it will gently rock back and forth until it finds its center again. If that’s not a great metaphor, we don’t know what is.

The Handy Dad

You’ll rarely find this Mr. Fix It without a measuring tape affixed to his hip. He has dirt under his fingernails and sawdust in his hair. He calls the garage his workshop, and projects are his love language. 

Give him something fun to build with the GRAV® STAX line. This collection of bases, percs, and mouthpieces can be mixed-and-match for a custom piece. Choose individual pieces, or order a bundle for a full rig.

The Proud Dad

glass joint

Most dads are proud dads. They don’t all show it the same way, but you better believe their hearts swell with pride when they think of their kiddos. And they just want to be part of your life as you grow and move on through the world.  

Spend a little QT with the old man—and with GRAV® Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints. Pre-pack all 7 cartridges with so you and your dad will have plenty of herb to share while you chat about the past, present, and future.

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