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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2023-06-23 | Jun 23, 2023
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What is 710?

The annual concentrate celebration is upon us! Dab Day, aka 710, is the annual festivity honoring those high-THC oils, waxes, and resins that have become increasingly popular over the past decade or so.

Celebrated on July 10th, 710 is the third biggest stoner holiday after 420 and Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving). 710 falls on a Monday this year, so it’s the perfect occasion to take a day off and enjoy a 3-day weekend. 

710 day

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing experts—feel free to skip ahead. 

But for those of you who have always wondered what it means to dab and didn’t want to ask—this is for you. 

“Dabbing” refers to vaporizing cannabis concentrate using high heat, and inhaling the resulting vapor. Simple! The reason dabbing seems complicated is that a) concentrates come in many forms like shatter, wax, and oil; and b) dabbing requires a little extra equipment. But it’s not nearly as complex as it appears.

Concentrates are usually made using solvents to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant, leaving a super potent, high-THC concentrate behind. Here are a few of the common types of cannabis concentrates.



Shatter is a solid concentrate extracted using butane. When the butane is evaporated out of the hash oil, it leaves behind a solid, translucent yellow-amber resin that can be broken (or shattered, get it?) into small pieces. 

wax dabs


Wax is also extracted with butane. But before the butane is extracted from the oil, it is agitated which leaves the resulting product softer and more malleable than rigid shatter.

Live resin

Live Resin

Live resin is made from fresh cannabis that is frozen right after harvest. This keeps the flower’s potency and terpene profile intact, which preserves the taste of the flower better than other concentrates. After extracting the oil, live resin looks like slightly damp crystals.

Oil dabs


Oil is a liquid cannabis concentrate made with CO2 that strips the psychoactive compounds from the cannabis plant’s trichomes. The resulting oil is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and is most often used in a vape pen. 

Each of these concentrates is made with solvents. And if these solvents aren’t completely removed from the concentrate before you heat them, you’ll inhale them—no bueno. So don’t get any cheapo, back-alley shatter. Get the good stuff from reputable brands! 

The Origins of 710

According to Mitchell Colbert’s article on The Leaf Online, we have rapper and Highly Educated founder Taskrok to thank for the creation and spread of the 710 holiday.

Back in 2010, as the story goes, Taskrok was chatting online with industry insiders from Healthstone Glass and BeeHiveOil Clothing. The conversation turned to a special time for dabbing, like 420 for flower. Taskrok suggested 710, since it spells OIL upside down. 

Word spread, thanks in part to an album created by Taskrok and DJ Linus Stubbs with tracks like “7:10” and “Boil That Oil.” It was released on (wait for it…) 7/10/2011. That same day, the term was used in connection with cannabis on the now-defunct TokeCity website. And “710” appeared on Urban Dictionary connected to smoking concentrate later that year.

Beyond starting a new concentrate holiday, Taskrok was also key in developing some of the tools we use to dab today, including the domeless nail and the carb cap. But he’s pretty chill about his contribution to the stoner calendar. “It belongs to the community now,” he says.

Celebrating 710

As a holiday still in its infancy, people are creating their own 710 traditions all the time. Whether you’re a daily dabber or a first-timer, here are some ideas for how you could celebrate.

Attend a 710 Event or Meetup

Look for a 710 event in your area! Local dispensaries and shops all over legal markets are throwing parties and gatherings to honor dabs and concentrates. 

In Denver, you could attend the 710 Hash & Glass Expo with dab bar, hash competition, and live glass blowing. And in Phoenix, the Errl Cup folks host the 710 Degree Cup to judge the best concentrate products around the state. (Even though it’s a 710 event, the 710 Degree Cup is in October instead of July. If you’ve ever been to Phoenix in July, you’ll understand why.)

new dab rig

Treat Yourself to a New Rig

There’s no better occasion to give yourself a lil something special than a stoner holiday. So treat yourself to a new dab rig in honor of 710!

The pieces in GRAV’s Orbis collection come with a quartz banger, so they’re concentrate-ready. You could also get a bubbler like the Globe Bubbler or Coffee Mug Bubbler—just add a quartz banger to your order to make it 710-friendly. 

Or if you already have a bubbler you love, get a seamless quartz banger to diversify your setup. Our bangers come in 45° and 90° angles to fit different bubbler types. 

Get in the Mood with Your Favorite Stoner Albums

The obvious choice for your 710 soundtrack is The Movement, the Task & Linus album released on July 10th, 2011. Hear the songs that inspired and were inspired by a culture of dabs. 

Other great options include the dreamy album Devotion by Beach House, Fleet Foxes self-titled record, Herbie Hancock’s funky Head Hunters, and rhythmic New Wave Remain in Light by Talking Heads.

Sample a New Concentrate

Get out of your comfort zone this 710. If you’re normally a Fruit Basket shatter kinda person, try a Daybreak wax. Play with different strains and concentrate types to go on a 710 odyssey.

Host a BYOC Party 

Get your smoking friends in on the high times with a BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Concentrate) party. Pass around your favorite oils, waxes, and resins for a little dab-buffet.

Get Blissed Out

Turn your 710 into an epic self-care day. Book an in-home massage—apps like Soothe can connect you with a mobile masseuse. Since you won’t be driving, you can get blitzed before  they arrive to set up their massage table. 

Run yourself a steamy bubble bath and sink into the tub. Light candles, wrap up in your comfiest blanket, and get max chilled.

Never Celebrated 710? Here’s What You’ll Need

A Dab Rig

This is generally a bubbler or water pipe with a banger or nail for concentrate instead of a bowl for flower. Water is key—you want to cool that vapor before you inhale. 

You can get a rig specifically for dabs, or use a bubbler and simply get a nail or banger to use with it. A banger is generally made from quartz, and lets the flavor of your concentrate come through. A nail is usually made of titanium. They’re very durable, but they can impact the flavor of your concentrate.

A Torch

A small butane torch will let you heat up your banger or nail. There are also propane torches out there, but butane burns cleaner. Propane torches also get really hot and could scorch your dab. There are torches designed specifically for dabs, but you could also use a crème brûlée torch if you have one in your kitchen.

A Dab Tool or Wand 

This tiny metal scoop will let you pick up your concentrate and drop it in the hot nail without burning your fingies. 

A Carb Cap

It is possible to dab without a carb cap, but not recommended. The carb cap will sit over top of your banger after you add the concentrate. It keeps the vapor from escaping and helps you to control the airflow. Without it, you’ll lose a ton of your vapor.

dabbing tips

Dabbing Tips

Start with a Clean Rig

The concentrated oils that you’re dabbing can resolidify into a sticky substance called “reclaim” when it cools. It can really gunk up your rig and make it harder to get the big hits you’re after. Always start with a clean rig for tastier, stronger dabs. 

Get in the Goldilocks Zone

If your banger is too hot, it will burn your concentrate and destroy its flavor and terpenes. If it’s too cool, your concentrate will puddle instead of vaporizing, leading to wasted product. 

The exact temperature for dabs can vary based on what you’re vaping and the type of banger or nail you use. But the “standard” dab temperature is usually 545 - 570°F. 

How do you know when you’ve reached it? Use an infrared thermometer. This temperature gun gives an instant readout with a point and click. 

Use a Carb Cap

As mentioned above, a carb cap will keep the vapor from your dab in the rig, instead of evaporating into the air. It will also let you control the airflow by covering and uncovering the banger as you inhale. 

Happy 710!

We’re always stoked to celebrate another holiday on the stoner calendar. Between 420, 710, and Green Wednesday, we’re pretty happy in spring, summer, and fall. Maybe we need to add a winter holiday to the mix. Some kind of canna-new year? 

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