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  • By Conor Scully
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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One of the core values we celebrate at GRAV is a virtue of our own construction: Gravitude. It means different things to different teammates, but we define it broadly as a spirit of gratitude and optimism. Inwardly, it manifests as thankfulness and positivity. Outwardly, you can tell someone has Gravitude when they take joy in their work.

Of course, it’s difficult to find meaning and joy in every moment of every day. Some days can leave you feeling disoriented and world weary. The essence of Gravitude is being willing to take every day anew and seize opportunities to shift emphasis from what’s wrong to what’s working. At GRAV, we hold that sort of “eyes turned skyward” attitude dear. We hire based on Gravitude. We evaluate based on Gravitude. We call out our peers for praise based on conspicuous displays of Gravitude.

As we enter the holiday season and prepare for the biggest sale of the year, there’s plenty to be grateful for. Leave us a Gravitude acrostic in the comments below, and you’ll get a chance to win a piece from the new Ultimate Hand Pipe Family, launching later this week. Here’s an example!

Gracious in difficulty
Revolutionary in success
Adaptive in a changing market
Vocal about our values
Indomitable spirit
Transformative design
Unwavering optimism
Destigmatizing the lifestyle
Exemplifying teamwork in all we do

Once you’ve posted where your Gravitude comes from, check out what makes our team grateful in this

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  • Mark Wallas on

    Gravful for the fantastic pieces you make that make the holidays even more enjoyable. Gravful for smoking with friends and family. Keep up that ingenuity!


    I’m thankful to have finished my year of bedrest from a spinal surgery number 16. That would not have been possible without the awesome assist from grav! Oh and those little shotglasses they are super sick.

  • Bill Feczko on

    Generosity is where all good karma starts
    Right action over ritual
    Always be true to your heart
    Visions of ease may tempt one to serve
    Instead Insist on what you deserve
    Talk a little & toke, clear the air with smoke
    Uniquely yourself always been true
    Don’t throw away friends, real ones are few
    Ever moving forward, every dawn seen anew

  • Jeremy Lee on

    Have always been thankful for the great pieces you guys make! Especially enjoying my bubbler after an awesome thanksgiving dinner!

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