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  • By Conor Scully
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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¡uǝǝʍollɐɥ ʎddɐɥ
GRAV® | Last Years Best Costumes @ GRAV Halloween Party 2016

Like a fume from some uncharted, spectral vent, the Spirit of Samhain flows strong through GRAV’s veins. The halls of our hotshop are haunted by the unfortunate souls of Graviteers who fell into the kiln and were forgotten. Our werehouse is crawling with glass goblins, eager to knock over shelves and feast on the shards of shattered pipes. And few of us can sleep without the lights on these days, after seeing the Flaming Forklift weaving through walls, operated by the many-bearded ghost of Glassblower Greg.

In this season of calamity and horror, it’s important to be vigilant against the various curses that might beset a GRAV enthusiast. We’ve outlined a few here, but feel free to share your own in the Comments section below.

the cornish carb

Every time you let off the carb, instead of clearing your pipe, it fills with concentrated clove smoke. Yuck! Only the ergonomic carbs of the Upline family are immune to this malediction.

resin lips

If you forget to set aside a grain of wax as an offering to wayward spirits, they’ll gum up your lips with resin for days - sometimes forever. Fortunately, the Fire-Button diverts a portion of every dab to satisfy the specters.

the devil's tower

An ambitious, young piper once boasted he could build the tallest STAX assembly the world had ever seen. Jealous forces jinxed him, so that each time he reaches for a mouthpiece to cap his creation, he draws another perc instead. He’s been building for 7 years! Don’t let vanity happen to you.

helix hex

Instead of spinning and cooling your smoke, a hexed Helix will hack into your email account and send embarrassing messages to your friends and family. The best way to spot one is by the spin: hexed Helixes spin counter-clockwise.

trapped in smoke

If you say Cheech and Chong into a mirror three times on Halloween, you will become them…

GRAV® | Trapped forever as Cheech and Chong

[Halloween 2016 GRAV Costume Contest Winners: Tristan Blackett & Tanya Rosenzweig]
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