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Green Wednesday: The Newborn Holiday That’s Taking Over Cannabis

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Green Wednesday: The Newborn Holiday That’s Taking Over Cannabis
written by Kate McDermott

There’s a new holiday in town, and we’re lighting up to celebrate. 

Green Wednesday, also called Weed Wednesday, is the unofficial name given to the day before Thanksgiving in the United States. Around 2016, cannabis delivery company Eaze noticed a major boost in demand on that particular day. So they leaned into the trend, offering deals and discounts to celebrate the holiday weekend and feed our insatiable appetite for cannabis. 

Other brands followed suit. Soon, Green Wednesday beat out Black Friday to become the second biggest cannabis flower and edible sales day of the year after 4/20. 

But since “everyone else is doing it” isn’t a good enough reason to celebrate a holiday—even an awesome cannabis holiday—let’s talk about why Green Wednesday is such a big deal, and how we’re planning to celebrate it.


What's So Special About That Particular Wednesday?

The growth of legal markets across the country (and the world) has made it easier to track cannabis consumer habits. After all, it's not like black market weed dealers are sharing their sales data. So we now know that purchases spike on Green Wednesday, to the tune of a single day sales increase of 80% in 2020.

But why?

For starters, most marijuana dispensaries are closed on Thanksgiving. So recreational and medicinal users take the chance to stock up for their weekend needs. Plus, most people take off Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, making Green Wednesday the "Friday" of the week. 

With so many people traveling for the holiday, out-of-town visitors may also account for some of the surge in dispensary customers. When you live in a state under prohibition, the chance to visit a legal dispensary is like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that big family holidays can be a bit stressful. A few milligrams of THC can help take the edge off and keep you calm when the cousins are bickering and the nephew insists that you watch Minecraft videos with him on his tablet. This may also account for the increase in the sales of cannabis-infused beverages (101% increase over the previous month) and edibles (85% increase over the previous month) during the holiday. All the chill, none of the tell-tale odor.

The New Green Wednesday Tradition

As a five-year-old baby holiday, Green Wednesday hasn’t been steeped in tradition and nostalgia yet. So it’s time to start something new. And since you’ll probably be with family (either the kind you were born into or the kind you collected over the years), you can include them in the fun. 

Hit up a local dispensary and pick a strain of flower or a gummy you've never had before. Get high with friends and family and play a favorite board game. Pop an edible and watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles—objectively the best Thanksgiving movie. Help the kids make those janky hand-print turkeys and have a great time doing it. 

One Thanksgiving tradition that may see a decline in light of this high holiday is Blackout Wednesday, also called Drinksgiving. In some cities, it’s the worst drunk driving day of the year—worse than New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day. That’s no bueno. So have a little THC and stay home with your favorite people instead.

Our Green Wednesday Gift Guide

If you’re looking to treat yourself or a friend this Green Wednesday, start here. We’ve got our eyes on these California-based brands, which are all doing amazing things in the cannabis industry. 

Plus, every company on this list is POC, LGBTQ, or woman-owned.

Flower & Pre-Rolls

Ball Family Farms

Miyagi-Do - Indica strain from Ball Family

Founded by a football player turned cannabis felon turned cannabis entrepreneur, Ball Family Farms is a family-owned grow operation and wholesaler based out of Los Angeles. Their premium flower strains are inspired by founder Chris Bell’s nostalgia for film. Try their flagship strain, Daniel LaRusso, or their newest offering, Nino Brown.

Biko Flower

Premium whole flower pre-rolls from WOC-owned Biko Flower are definitely on our list. Their Juseyo Diamonds pre-rolls are infused with THCa for extra potency, and their brand has big goddess energy. 


Anything from Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections is elevating the edibles game, with gummies, chews, and artisanal chocolate bars in sophisticated flavors and a wide variety of CBD-to-THC ratios. Their 5:1 CBD:THC chocolate bar may be the perfect way to convince that reluctant family member to give cannabis a try.

Too many choices? Their virtual budtender will make product recommendations based on the occasion or desired effect.

Space Crystals from Sonder

Pop quiz: What’s the most fun candy to eat?

Pop rocks, obviously. 

And Sonder’s cannabis-infused pop rocks are turning the good times up a notch. Hold these Space Crystals in your mouth to let them snap and fizz, while the cannabis absorbs under your tongue for a faster onset than standard edibles.

Agua de Flor from POLA

We’re itching to get some of POLA’s refreshing cannabis aguas frescas down our throats. In flavors like cucumber lemonade, horchata, and mango, these scrumptious sippers will be the perfect treat while the rest of the family is boozing over Thanksgiving weekend.


So Happy Green Wednesday, Fam

Whether you take advantage of a sweet deal on edibles or just smoke a bowl with a few of your favorite people, Green Wednesday is a day to be thankful for all the innovation and cannabis products that we're lucky enough to experience.

Sometimes, it really is easy being green.

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