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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2021-11-30 | Nov 30, 2021
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What Does Social Smoking Look Like in a Post-COVID World?
written by Kate McDermott

The tell-tale smell begins to waft its way around the room. It’s like a seductive finger, beckoning everyone’s attention. Noses lift in the air as they smell it. Heads turn, looking for the source. Slowly, people start to gravitate towards it, wondering if whoever brought is willing to share...

Cannabis is the great bringer-together, the conversation-starter, the story-beginner. It puts us at ease, and helps us find connection. 

We say hell yes to getting together, and hell yes to smoking together. 

But as for passing the joint around the room...that’s become a bit more complicated.

In the Before Times…

We used to engage in some behaviors that—knowing what we know now—seem downright wild. How many of us have gone to a party and shared a joint or ripped a bong with total strangers? Wrapping our lips around the same soggy joint as six other people, or pressing our mouths to a pipe with nary a disinfectant wipe in sight?

Seems like we passed around a lot more than just the herb. 

Why did we do it? Because sharing cannabis is one of the ways we connect. It’s our love language if you will. Handing the joint around, commenting on the quality of the flower, offering pointers to a newbie...these are the in-between moments that punctuate a great gathering. The person that passes to you could be a new friend—for the night, or for life. 

Smoking cannabis has been shown to have some stress-relieving effects. And we’d argue (anecdotally, of course) that the social aspects of smoking may contribute to that effect nearly as much as the chemical compounds in the flower itself.

Light Up a Joint, Light Up the Room

The good times are coming back, y’all. 

Remember the first time you hugged a friend that you hadn’t seen in months? Or when you sent your kid back to school after a semester or more of remote learning? That warm fuzzy feeling of connection was one we’d all been missing out on. 

We’re social creatures. While science may tout the benefits of solitude, there’s always a caveat—it has to be willing solitude. Forced isolation can cause us to crave connection and interaction similar to the way hunger causes us to crave food

So it’s no surprise that we’re itching to get together again. 

But will we ever be comfortable sharing joints again? How do we keep the social aspects of smoking in a way that feels safe in the new landscape?

It can be done with a little planning. If you’re headed to a group event where you’d all like to smoke together, everyone can bring their own flower and a portable smoking method, like a dugout or taster. While this solves the safety issue, it certainly takes the shared experience out of the group smoke. 

As legal cannabis spreads, cannabis users are getting more immersed in the details of what they’re smoking—where it came from, how it was grown, the particular terpene profile. And to share in that conversation, you have to smoke the same stuff. We just want to avoid sharing the same joint or pipe, for safety reasons. 

The solution—GRAV Glass Joints. Glass joints have two separate borosilicate pieces that connect with a silicone grommet. On one end, you have a refillable cartridge that holds the flower. And on the other, you have a sturdy glass mouthpiece.

A smoker can easily remove their mouthpiece from the cartridge and pass the green goodness around the circle. Each recipient can use their own individual mouthpiece while smoking the very same flower. It’s the perfect social smoking apparatus!  

For the true marijuana mixer, you can go big with the Party Pack of glass joint cartridges. That’s 56 glass tubes, ready to be packed and passed around the group. It’s a neat way to have a little tasting party, letting the group sample different kinds of flower and comparing notes. 

Of course, being social doesn’t have to require a large group. One cartridge with two mouthpieces is the bonding glue that holds friendships together.

Get a Joint, Give a Joint

Want to try them out? 

On Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021, every order placed on will receive two GRAV® Glass Joints for free. Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend so you can enjoy a smoke sesh together, just like you used to.

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