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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2022-07-22 | Jul 22, 2022
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Hot Goss: What’s It Like Smoking Weed With Your Parents?
written by Kate McDermott

There’s something strange happening around us. 

Parents are suddenly becoming cool with a whole bunch of shit they would have murdered us for as teenagers. 

Case in point: cannabis.

How many of us were threatened with ruination, damnation, and annihilation if we dared to smoke the devil’s lettuce as teens…only to now have our parents asking for cute hand pipe recommendations and strain advice? 

To investigate this outbreak of parental chill, we reached out to our customers for stories about  smoking with their parents.

Here’s what we found.


1. Your parents might surprise you...

"The first time I smoked with my mom, she out smoked everyone there! We were all shocked because we didn’t know how much of a smoker she really was and turned out all this time it runs in the family!"

"I got grounded when I was 16 for smoking. Once I turned 18 my parents found out again but this time my mom asked me for my plugs information. She had smoked when she was younger but now at 65 she’s back on the grind."

2. You'll probably see a new side to them.

"My mom gets really loud almost drunk and I've seen her forget her own glasses on her forehead for an hour before."

"My mom got a little cross faded one night and completely just sat on the ground, wouldn’t get up and made my dad carry her to bed. He just thought she was drunk."

3. Things could get a little crazy.

"my dad created a massive bong out of a 55 gallon drum"

"Once my father got so high he went to use the restroom was gone for more than expected, went to check on him and he was peeing in the bathtub thinking it was a giant urinal."

4. It could be great for your relationship.

"I smoke with my dad and brother every night. It’s like smoking with your best friend except you don’t have to hide it because they’re smoking too. 10/10 would recommend to everyone."

"My mother is 82 [...] We were smoking before dinner from the Glass Joints [...] She asked to join and we were excited to include her in. What a beautiful difference afterwards!!! She laughed a lot and never said anything about being old the rest of the night. She was in no pain and was like a young giddy girl again!!"

No Judgment Here

Smoking with our parents. We’re into it. 

Hell, if anyone deserves to chill, it’s them. It’s not like raising us was easy. And now that we’re adults, it’s fascinating to see that parent/kid relationship transition from one of authority to something like friendship. 

Pass the dutchie, mom, and Happy Parents’ Day.

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