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The Best Glass Bowls for Bongs

At GRAV, we focus on delivering innovative glass pipes with eye-catching designs and excellent function. We give as much attention to pipe accessories, and bong and bubbler bowls are no exception.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a good bong bowl? If you are looking for the best glass bowl for a bong, this post will fill you in on all the details.


What is a Bong Bowl?

Your pipe's bowl is an integral part of your bong. A bong bowl holds ground weed to be combusted and filtered by the bong. The bowl sits within the bong's joint, forming a seal to direct smoke into the pipe while inhaling.

The essential elements of a good bowl are the joint size and size of the bowl. Avoid getting the wrong slide bowl for your water pipe by making sure to measure your bong's joint size. The most common bowl size for a bong is fourteen millimeters.

A deeper pipe bowl is an excellent choice if you want longer or more intense smoke. A party bowl lets you and your friends take a bong rip without having to repack the bowl several times. However, a smaller weed bowl is ideal if you plan on having solo sessions. Lastly, you should consider the aesthetics of the bowl.

 A glass bowl that matches the same style as your bong or bubbler improves the look of the pipe. It's a good idea to have multiple glass bowls. It's best to have a backup for each bong or a collection of the most common bowls. 

Depending on the situation a different style bowl can make a big difference in your smoke session. If you are a heavy smoker and enjoy smoking multiple bowls in a single session, having another clean and packed bowl makes your smoke session even better.


The Octobowl

The GRAV Octobowl, is ergonomically designed with a built-in six-armed glass screen. The multiple air paths of the Octobowl prevent drag and allow a hit to build up quickly, making for powerful smoke sessions. The Octobowl’s cylindrical shape causes the entire bowl to spark up when lit, and the handle on the side keeps your fingers cool.


GRAV Helix Taster Bowl

This 14mm Helix Multi One-Hitter Bowl is perfect for snap bowls and testing a new bong. This small but fierce bowl is made of thick borosilicate tubing and is less likely to break because of its compact design. It was created to be used with the legendary Helix bong but makes an excellent addition for someone looking for quicker smoke sessions.


Basin Bowl

The GRAV Basin bowl is a great choice to add color and capacity to your bubbler or bong. The wide and shallow bowl holds more than the traditional funnel bowl but not so much that it's a party bowl. The Basin is the best bowl for two-person smoke sessions.


Funnel Bowl

The classic 14mm Funnel Bowl from GRAV is the industry standard. This bowl is suitable for individual and two-person sessions. The Funnel bowl pushes combustion down into the bottom, ensuring heat is evenly distributed and the contents of the bowl are lit. The maria on the bowl's stem creates a convenient place for handling. 


Triple Pinch Bowl

The GRAV Triple Pinch bowl is the classic funnel bowl with a few upgrades. The triple pinch prevents large to medium particles from clogging up your downstem, and the side handle is safe to touch even after you've cashed the bowl. This is a bong bowl for bong users who like to smoke the whole bowl in one hit and have little resistance. 

The Caldera Bowl

The GRAV Caldera bowl is a party bowl that keeps delivering hits for extra-long smoke sessions. This large bowl can hold two grams of ground bud. This bong bowl is a solid upgrade for medium to large-sized pipes. The Caldera comes in multiple colors to match your favorite piece.


Cup Bowl

The GRAV Cup bowl fits just the right amount for a daily smoke sesh. If you like to get home and toke up a small bowl to get in a chill mood, then the Cup bowl works well. This small bong bowl is made of tough borosilicate glass and has a maria for easy gripping.

Why You Should Own Multiple Glass Weed Bowls

The bowl of your pipe is the most common part to break. Having backup bowls for your pipe or bubbler allows you to keep seshing if a bowl breaks or is lost. We've highlighted the GRAV bowls that are the best available. 

Each bowl has a specialized design that makes it the perfect choice for a particular pipe or smoking style. Take a look at our entire glass bowl collection to choose the best weed bowls for your pipe collection.


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