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  • By Carly Banner
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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How to Get the Most Out of Spring 2019
Pipe and strain pairings for your favorite spring activities

Spring has sprung and depending on where you live the hard frost of winter might just be melting, or you might already be breaking out the swimwear. Either way, with the weather becoming more forgiving and everything looking a little brighter, it’s a great time to enhance the best seasonal activities with a fresh new smoking routine. We’ve paired each funtivity with the best pipe and strain to compliment it. Because like wine and cheese, movies and popcorn, or stoners and blacklight posters, some things just go better together.

1. Hiking

We all know hiking is an excellent way to experience the great outdoors. You get to see some gorgeous scenery, get some exercise in, and you can stop for a smoke and snack break as often as you want. We’ll leave the snacks up to your discretion, but when it comes to smoking the GRAV® Dugout is the perfect on the go accessory to bring along. The spacious storage chamber lets you pack enough bud for an all-day adventure, and the spring-loaded Taster is easy to use and clean. When you’re done with each smoke break everything packs away neatly into a compact smell proof carrying case which even has a clip you can attach to a backpack or belt loop. And what should you load into the Dugout? Our recommendation is Tangie, a sweet, citrussy sativa that’s known for being uplifting and euphoric as well as inspiring focus, creativity, and appreciation for nature.

2. Movie Night

After full days of outdoor spring activities, you’ll want some chill nights in to curl up with a good movie and a great smoke. The Conical Pocket Bubbler is a nice piece for movie nights because it sits easily in one hand while offering substantial water filtration. The shape prevents water from spilling easily, and the long straw cools hits so you won’t have as many movie-interrupting coughs. Alien OG is a fitting hybrid to pair with your spaceship-like bubbler. This earthy, lemony strain is notoriously potent, so proceed with caution. A little bit goes a long way towards developing a relaxed, euphoric high with a side of pleasant fuzziness and altered reality. This pairing is especially ideal for watching your favorite sci-fi or fantasy movie.

3. Barbecuing

You know it’s really spring when you catch the scent of charcoal and grilled meat in the air. Whether you’re barbecuing for one or throwing a big party, you’re going to want a cold beer and a good pipe by your side while you cook. The 16mm GRAV® Octo-taster with Silicone Skin is ideal for a cookout because you can load the generous bowl inside, cover it with the silicone cap, and take it with you to your cooking location. Plus if you drop it amidst all the excitement of grilling and taking orders, no biggie! The silicone will keep it safe from shattering. Pack that Octo-taster with Lemon Kush and you’ll be good to go. As the name suggests this strain has a lemony taste that’s nice and refreshing at a barbecue, and as an indica / sativa hybrid it will make you relaxed and euphoric but you’ll still have enough motivation and concentration to cook all day. Plus the moderate munchies that can be expected from Lemon Kush will be an added bonus once all that delicious food is ready to eat.

4. Gardening

One of the biggest hallmarks of spring is new growth, both literal and figurative. Gardening can be extremely calming and therapeutic, and then you’re rewarded with beautiful flowers or fresh veggies (or cannabis if you live somewhere it’s legal) that you grew yourself. What could be more satisfying than that? Well, smoking the ideal strain out of the perfect piece while you garden of course. When you head out to the garden this spring, take a fully loaded GRAV® Glass Blunt with Silicone Grommet. It has enough room to pack plenty of herb for a nice long smoke session so you don’t have to keep going back inside to reload once you get started. And once the glass blunt is lit, you can smoke it like a regular blunt with just one hand so the other is free to dig and plant. The Glass Blunt allows you to ash as you go for fresh hits every time, and since you’ll already be outside you can ash straight onto the ground, returning herb to earth. For the herb itself we recommend Lamb’s Bread, a sativa with an earthy, piney taste that lends itself to gardening. Lamb’s Bread is known for making the user happy, energetic, and focused, which is great for a physical and detailed task like gardening. Users also report that this strain is less anxiety-inducing than other sativas can be, so you can still get some nice relaxation from gardening without feeling like you just want to go back to the couch instead.

5. Baking

Fruits like apples, apricots, strawberries, and many more are in season during spring, so it’s a good time to hop in the kitchen and whip up some delicious home baked munchies. If you want to wake and bake and bake, the GRAV® Large Spoon is a great piece to have out on the counter. The big bowl holds enough flower to keep you going through your whole culinary project, and it’s easy to grab this spoon for a big hit in between tasks and set it back down without losing it amongst all your other supplies. Just don’t mistake it for your mixing spoon. For an A+ baking experience, load the Large Spoon with Jet Fuel. This pungent, earthy hybrid is a combination of multiple popular diesel strains. It typically begins with a happy, energetic, sativa-like high which then levels off into a more relaxed indica feeling. This will give you lots of motivation for the initial preparation of your delicious dessert, and then plenty of patience as you wait for your creation to bake to perfection.

6. Making a Pillow Fort on a Rainy Day

Not every spring day can be bright and sunny, but with the right supplies you can still make a cozy adventure out of those April showers. A rainy day is a great excuse to make a pillow fort like the ones you remember fondly from childhood, and then hotbox the shit out of it as you listen to the pleasant patter of rain on the roof. The best piece for this endeavor is the GRAV® Jane West™ Cobalt Blue Upright Bubbler. The gorgeous deep blue matches the relaxing, watery theme, and the substantial body lets you build up big smooth hits that will quickly fill your fort. The upright shape prevents water and flower from spilling when you set it down between hits, and there’s no removable bowl or moving parts to keep track of as you get increasingly comfy in your mound of pillows and blankets. Smoke some God’s Gift out of that bubbler and you’ll likely be in for the most satisfying nap of your life. This strain is sweet and earthy with a high THC content that will knock you on your ass in a good way. It’s a classic strong indica, and users experience the most happy, comforting kind of couch lock (or in your case, pillow fort lock) after smoking it. Make sure you’re loaded up with snacks before you start smoking, and you’ll be in for the most wonderfully relaxing rainy day.

7. Crafting Your Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is May 12th this year, so you still have plenty of time to take the homemade route for your present. It’s cheaper than store bought, and no matter how old you get most moms will still be over the moon to receive a gift you made with your own two hands. Whether you’re making bath products, dishware, or art for your mom to display, smoking the right strain out of the right piece will inspire your crafty side and make the whole project more fun. The GRAV® Mini Round Base Water Pipe will fit comfortably in your hand when you grab it for a quick hit in between tasks. It provides plenty of water filtration to keep your hits smooth, and the included 10mm Cup Bowl is a nice size for a water pipe solo session. We recommend smoking XJ-13, a sativa-dominant hybrid with crisp notes of citrus and pine, to get you in the artistic mood. It’s known for a feeling of calm happiness that promotes productivity and creativity. With a mindset like that, you’ll have as much fun making your Mother’s Day gift as your mom will have receiving it.

Whether you get a real spring break or have to make your own during weekends or days off, it’s easy to invent fun mini-vacations by combining the right pastime and smoking regimen. Are you going to try out any of these combos? Are there some great activities, pipes, or strains that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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