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  • By Conor Scully
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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The GRAV family is teeming with artistic talent. Take Jake, for instance. Our Quality Control Specialist by day, Jake has earned his standing in the veteran ranks of Austin’s nightlife. His soulful blend of rap and funk-rock packs joints on Rainey, 6th Street, and Cesar Chavez, where you can hear him solo or leading The Khordsmen. We asked Jake to share his story on the GRAV Exchange.

I was born in the late 80's, meaning I grew up in the 90's - one of the greatest decades for R&B/Soul music. As a kid, music was very interesting to me. My parents made sure their eldest son absorbed all he could, and as a result, the seed of music was planted in my soul. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a singer, and in 2010, when school didn't work out, I made the decision to give it a real shot.
GRAV® | Graviteers get jazzy on the weekends ...
In the fall of that year, I was going to help a friend work on a song when I met Danny (DSII) Saldivar who went on to become my best friend and producer. After forging a musical bond and a friendship, we decided to build a band around us and our sound. The Khordsmen is a collective of musicians with whom I’ve played throughout the years. I like to think of them as the best of the best, if you will.
GRAV® | Jake's romancing the audience ;)
The GRAV family is thicker glass.  This company has indirectly helped my musical journey.  In 2015, I was a part of the SXSW street team handing out swag, and we ran into Houston rapper Paul Wall. After handing him a Circuit Rig, I gave him a demo, and he was more than happy to check it out.  I'm blessed to be part of the GRAV team and have them at my shows.

Right back at ya, Jake. We’re incredibly fortunate and grateful to have worked with Jake for the past three years. If you want to hear his catalog, check him out on Soundcloud and see his newest video here.
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