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  • By Conor Scully
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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The GRAV family is teeming with artistic talent. Take Juan, for instance. As our Product Control Supervisor, Juan spends his time at GRAV making sure product data is correct and inventory is flowing smoothly. After hours, Juan paints in a technically precise, Surrealist style. Many of his paintings feature barren landscapes in the background, reminiscent of Salvador Dali. But Juan’s work has a sensuality and morbidity missing from some of Dali’s more cerebral pieces, and a mysterious femme fatale seems to lurk behind every beautiful, avian creature. We asked Juan to share his story on the GRAV Exchange.

GRAV® | Making a masterpiece
Since I was very little my father always encouraged me to draw. He would buy these large newsprint pads and colored pencils and he would sit with me and show me what he could draw. Then I would try and draw those things, too. He says I quickly started drawing better than him, and he started calling me “el lapiz magico” (the magic pencil). I didn’t start painting until my senior year, but I always felt it was my calling to pursue art. Out of high school I started art school, focusing in drawing and painting. I received my BFA from Sam Houston State University in 2010, and I’ve been painting ever since.
When I first moved to Austin 4 years ago, I worked at Mexic-Arte museum for a while, and it plugged me into the art scene. Now I've been affiliated with Cherry Cola Dog showing my work and networking with a large amount of local artists. There is a growing community in Austin that supports and appreciates art in all forms and enjoys the experiences we bring to their lives. I'm thankful to be a part of it.
GRAV® | 'In The Twilight of Contemplation' by Juan Villegas
GRAV is a company full of creative people who have been encouraging and supportive of all my artistic endeavors. From going to see my shows, to letting me cover their walls with my work, this team is always inspiring creativity and originality.
GRAV® | 'Pillars of the Serendipitous' by Juan Villegas

Lucky Graviators boast Juan Villegas originals on their walls at home. If you live near Austin or ever come to visit, you should seriously consider doing the same. You can find his work at Cherry Cola Dog, where he also participates in live painting events that are truly a spectacle to behold. We’re grateful to work with Juan, and we wish him every success in his artistic future.

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Already fallen in love with Juan's work? You can buy prints on his site!
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  • Kaloy on

    wow! amazing artworks!

  • Heather Howard on

    Your work is very beautiful! I immediately thought a little like Dali before I read the article as well! I do not have an IG unfortunately but still came to say you have a great talent!

  • Candelaria Bermudez on

    Wow! I love his artwork! I definitely need a few prints for my apartment.

  • Cisco on

    Loving these paintings. I think it’s safe to say painting was your calling Juan! Excellent job Juan! Viva la Raza!

  • Hector Campos on

    Nice, it’s cool to showcase your team’s work and help them exceed outside of the GRAV world! Very generous. I was also intrigued by the artist in question, I hope to see you create stuff for a long time Juan. Two of my favs are these:

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