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  • By Conor Scully
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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This Sunday, August 26th, is National Dog Day. And while GRAV is not unique in being a dog-friendly workplace, we really do take it to another level. Almost everyone has a dog and almost all of those dogs have spent some quality time at GRAV over the years. I have many heartfelt beliefs about the value and contribution of dogs to our lives, but I’ll spare you the sappy stuff. Instead, here’s a selection of some of our favorite dogs and their favorite GRAV pieces. These aren’t all the GRAV dogs (big shout out to Wayne Dog, we miss you man) but they represent.

Arthur Daily - 12mm Taster
He may be small in size but Arthur handles all the big picture ideas around GRAV.
Arthur’s been a driving force behind GRAV since the beginning, so he still relies on one of our first products: the classic GRAV taster. It’s small, like him, but it gets the job done and it’s always ready to take on a walk.
LeiLei Bell - Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler
Always on watch to ensure our warehouse is guarded, orders get pulled, and the sun is properly soaked up, Leilei is the go-to woofer here at GRAV... when she is not rolling in the grass of course.
Despite her rough-and-tumble approach to campus maintenance, Lei is quite the proper lady. She prefers her pipe to be elegant and with a thick bottom, so she’s a big fan of the Barkline Hemisphere Puppler.
Barrack Lozano-Lopez - Orbis Borocca
Cuteness is not only the only thing this pupper is selling. Barrack handles our East coast wholesale clients. For reasons that go without saying, Barrack adores the Borocca rig from our Orbis Collection.
Sookie Lozano-Lopez - Tankard Sherlock
With all the legal states out west, we need the rare doggo as tough as Sookie to handle our West coast clients. Sookie, stocky as she is, only uses the GRAV Tankard Sherlock. It’s a tank, so is she. Her favorite color is jade green because it reminds her of the houseplants she likes to trance under.
Billie Scully - 12” Upline Water Pipe
Ever wonder how we finally achieved the feat of bringing our GRAV website to you all? It is all thanks to countless hours Billie put in. She deserves all the handshakes in the world for that.
Billie’s favorite piece is the small Upline Water Pipe. She remembers when she was just a puppy and Micah Evans gave her one of his earliest prototypes of the piece. Billie loves that the Upline does not look anything like a ball. If it looked like a ball, she would have to destroy it.
Mr. Darcy Briscoe - Sitter Sherlock
Writing the checks and keeping the GRAV parties on budget is a tall order, which is why it takes a tall goodboi like Mr. Darcy to get that job done day in and day out. Remember, despite all the dogs and pipes flying around, GRAV is still a business, and there are rules we all need to follow. That’s why Mr. Darcy loves the Sitter Sherlock. It reminds him of the first rule he ever learned: sit means sit!
Indiana Thomas-Salerno - Dugout
Herding all the sales information to GRAV distributors ensures all of our pipes get to a smoke shop near you. This is why Indiana is the perfect puppers for the task. Indiana is crazy about the new GRAV Dugout. Get it?
He’s a dog, and he loves to dig, and it’s a dugout ...
Ziggy Zargarian - 18” Steamroller
Need a cute pooch to sit in on the meetings? Maybe just join you on a sales call? Ziggy is always there to boost morale and make it happen.
When you meet Ziguardo for the first time, you might peg him as an Orbis fan, or maybe something sophisticated like the Poker. But Zig likes to rip monster hits, so the jumbo 18” Steamroller is his daily driver. Ride or die!
Leena Welch - Fire-Button
A small pup with a lot to say, Leena is always around to ensure our customers get all the support they need with any GRAV product. She’s processed enough Fire-Button claims to know how near and dear the GRAV portable e-nail is to people, and how upset they can get when it stops working.
That’s why the Fire-Button is so dear to her heart. And she likes that she just has to stand on the button to hit it; Leena doesn’t have the paws for a traditional lighter.

What? No one likes the WigWag Spoon? That is unbelievable. Because WigWag... dogs… come on! What’s your dog’s favorite GRAV pipe? Let us know in the comments below.
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