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  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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New This November

November may have surprised us by showing up so quickly, but this is an exciting month for GRAV and all the things GRAV fans enjoy. We’ll keep you up-to-date on every new product, feature, or sale GRAV has to offer over the next month, along with what to look for in the worlds of music, movies, and TV.


The GRAV Menorah is back! Our 2018 batch of this classic holiday piece is boxed up and ready to warm homes all winter long. With a total of eight bowls, this pipe really captures the essential themes of the holiday season; abundance, generosity, and stamina. Treat your near and dear ones to a Hallmark smoking session they’ll cherish for decades to come. Each year we run out, and the Festival of Lights kicks off in 30 days, so claim yours while supplies last.

We’re switching from FedEx to UPS. We launched the new just a year ago now, and if there’s one complaint we’ve heard more than any other, it’s that we need to change our shipping service. We’re excited to be partnering with a carrier that has been innovating and raising the standard of service in shipping for years. By the end of the month, all GRAV orders will be shipped by UPS. You can expect more shipping options, more confidence that your package won’t be delayed or lost, and better rates in the months to come.

Also, expect a big sale to kick off Thanksgiving morning. Like most of the brands you love, our Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday special will be sitewide and generous, so whatever you’ve had your eye on all year, this sale is the one for you. And for shoppers who can’t wait, we’ll be releasing a Black Friday bundle earlier in the month. You’ll get a grinder, hand pipe, bubbler, and water pipe - a complete family of GRAV pieces normally priced at $380 - for $249.99. If that sounds interesting, keep an eye on your inbox.

Music News

November is a rousing and eclectic time for music this year. Tenacious D and Hanson both show up to blast us with the past, followed closely out of left field by Jeff Goldblum - yes, that Jeff Goldblum - and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra with a jazz album full of standards from yesteryear. If a trip down memory lane is what you’re looking for, consider the Gravitron. There’s nothing like a gravity bong to take you right back to the first time you heard “MMMBop.”

More established veterans are also on offer. Mariah Carey, Mumford & Sons, and Bryan Ferry will all release albums this month. Each of these musicians’ talents has only matured with time, and there’s a reason they all have Grammys under their belts. Pair their classic voices with a timeless best-seller like the Helix Beaker, something else that’s always improving.

Gamers will be energized by new albums from Action Bronson and Muse. Muse is switching gears back to 80s electronica after more of a hard-rock sound on their last release. And for the biggest music news, you can expect Yandhi to dominate Spotify on Thanksgiving weekend. Kanye’s 9th studio album will be his third major release in what’s turned into a wild year for the rapper, and will feature a menagerie of collaborators. If your ego is Ye-sized, you’ll need the superheavy, one-of-a-kind Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler to match.

Movie News

If you’ve always wanted to see more sequels, remakes, and reboots, what a great time it is to be alive. This month is no exception, as major studios roll out a banquet of reheated leftovers spiced with updated themes and served on fancier plates. We’ll see adaptations of Robin Hood, The Grinch, The Nutcracker, and the Millenium series attempt to establish some new holiday franchises. Meanwhile, second installments of Creed, Wreck-It Ralph, and Fantastic Beasts are betting their heroes have enough staying power to bring audiences back for more. Whether you’re seeing a sequel or a reboot, the GRAV Hourglass Recycler is the perfect pre-game companion.

But if you’d prefer your cinema trip with less déjà vu, there are a pair of biopics coming out this month that will at least put new faces to familiar names. Bohemian Rhapsody casts Rami Malek of Mr. Robot fame as the late Freddie Mercury, one of history’s most compelling performers. The film promises to feature all your favorite Queen hits set against massive recreations of their biggest concerts. For a combination of power and elegance on par with Freddie’s, only the 18” Upline Water Pipe will suffice.

At Eternity’s Gate offers a quieter character study. Master emoter Willem Dafoe will appear as Vincent van Gogh in a story of Vincent’s friendship with fellow Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin and his fatal struggle with depression. You can expect all the feels to well up as you both celebrate and mourn the tragic genius we’ve come to love so much in the intervening century. A contemplative and chromatic film like this calls for the GRAV Poker, a classic piece made for soft nights and available in over a dozen colors.

TV News

Last but not least, the Platinum Age of Television continues to mesmerize with a month of binge-worthy programming. It’s hard to imagine a time when Netflix wasn’t making their own shows, but when House of Cards first came on the scene in 2013, it was a major cultural event. The quality of the writing, acting, and production all impressed critics who weren’t expecting solid TV from a streaming service. The show’s final season - replacing scandal-mired star Kevin Spacey with double helpings of the peerless Robin Wright - drops this month. We recommend political drama wonks use the discreet, all-in-one GRAV Dugout. It’s perfect for quickly hiding all evidence should your boss show up randomly at your house to murder you.

Elsewhere on Netflix, you’ll find a sequel to their popular Narcos series - Narcos: Mexico. The focus will shift from Colombian cocaine to Mexican marijuana, with the same taut, action-packed storytelling that made the original series a success. In a related vein, our friends over at VICE are profiling spiritual and therapeutic drug-use in a new report, Kentucky Ayahuasca. Learn about churches whose psychedelic ceremonies are exempted from certain drug prohibitions. While you’re at it, dust off your old (or new) GRAV Menorah for a spiritual herbal experience of your very own.

Switching gears to lighter fare, you can enjoy animated doses of nostalgia with Sesame Street - premiering their 49th season on HBO this month - and Star Wars: Resistance - a new series from the Disney Channel, set between the two good film trilogies. Either is perfect for kids born in the mid-‘80s who have kids born in the late-‘00s. Match the imaginative play of childhood favorites with an assembly from our STAX collection - on sale all month. It’s basically LEGO for glass pipes.

What we’re looking forward to most in media this month is The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Writing duo Joel and Ethan Coen are looking to recapture their signature blend of comedy, violence, and great dialogue previously showcased in Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou?, True Grit, and (fan-favorite) The Big Lebowski. Their new effort began as a 6-part mini-series, but they’ve condensed it into a 2-hour film to be released both on Netflix and in theatres, making it eligible for Oscar gold. The film features all-star performers including Tim Blake Nelson, Tyne Daly, Liam Neeson, and Brendan Gleeson and should pack a wallop of a soundtrack. This viewer will be watching with a GRAV Glass Blunt in hand, as the Dude would have done.

Did we miss an awesome thing happening this month? Let us know in the comments below.
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