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  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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Our Favorite Fests for a Fire 4/20
Check out everything GRAV's doing for 4/20 as well as all the big celebrations around the country

Like most great slang, the number 420’s association with cannabis was created randomly and somewhat accidentally by a few teens who were just trying to get high. With a little help from “High Times” and the Grateful Dead, the term spread throughout the ’70s until it became the wildly popular holiday we know and love today. There’s no shortage of ways to celebrate the highest of stoner holy days, but we’ve compiled a quick survey of the biggest, strangest, and most notable 4/20 events going on around the US this year. We’re involved in a few celebrations ourselves, so if you’re lucky enough to find yourself near our gorgeous hometown on the 20th, make sure you check out some of the festivities in the Austin area where you can find GRAV goodies. However you choose to observe 4/20/19, we wish you the dopest of days.


Rock n' Roll One Up, Dude - Austin, Texas

Our beloved hometown of Austin, Texas always does 4/20 right, and this year is no exception. The Rock n’ Roll One Up, Dude 420 Party at Empire Control Room features musical artists including Think No Think and the aptly named Marijuana Sweet Tooth. We’ll be there handing out free Tasters and stickers and enjoying the shows. There will be three stages, four artists, five hours of entertainment AND free glass all for just a ten dollar admission.

Mind, Body, Soul 420 Party - Austin, Texas

The Mind, Body, Soul 420 Party is another great option for celebrating 4/20 in Austin. It’s a chill event at The Brass Tap craft beer bar in the Domain with a reggae DJ and lots of vendors. In addition to drinking lots of craft beer, you can take pictures in a photo booth and design your own custom pressed t-shirt. At 4:20 pm there will be a goodie bag raffle, and we’ve donated a bunch of Tasters so if you’re lucky there might be some GRAV glass in yours.

4/20 Bash at Lazydaze - San Marcos, Texas

Lazydaze Counterculture is a CBD cafe and smoke shop in San Marcos (just South of Austin). They’re hosting a free 4/20 party with live music and comedy as well as local vendors and great sales on Lazydaze products. GRAV’s donated Tasters as well as a variety of bigger pieces that you could win in a raffle during the party.

The Main Event at Reef Dispensary - Las Vegas, Nevada

You don’t have to stick to Austin to get GRAV goodies at a 4/20 party. Reef Dispensary is having activities and specials throughout the week leading up to 4/20 at all of their Nevada locations, but the main event will go down on the 20th at their Las Vegas Strip location. This will be a huge celebration with exclusive product drops, DJs, and celebrity meet and greets. We’ve donated promo materials as well as a variety of glass, so you can nab some GRAV while waiting to meet Dizzy Wright, Walshy Fire, Dame Dash, and Alexis Fawx.


Mile High 420 Festival - Denver, Colorado

No discussion of 4/20 events would be complete without the Mile High 420 Festival in Denver. It’s advertised as the “largest free 420 event in the world” and the festival’s website predicts over 50,000 attendants in Civic Center Park. T.I. and Jermaine Dupri are headlining, and there will be lots of vendors, munchies, additional stages for local acts and comedy, and even an art pavilion and a freak show. Public consumption of cannabis is illegal under Colorado state law, but if pictures from last year’s festival are any indication, that won’t stop most festival goers from lighting up one way or another.

420 Hippie Hill - San Francisco, California

Denver doesn’t have a monopoly on huge, free 4/20 festivals. Hippie Hill in San Francisco has a cannabis legacy that dates back to the 1970s. More recently, Golden Gate Park has become the site of a massive celebration of 4/20 and the legalization of recreational marijuana in California. The festivities center around a “bud drop” at 4:20 pm, echoing the New Year’s Eve ball drop with a giant nug of cannabis. This is a bring your own cannabis event, and while there’s no glass allowed one sponsor will be handing out free rolling papers.

Cheech and Chong - Tacoma, Washington

Celebrate old school with a performance from some of the most iconic stoners of all time. The venue promises “a night of side-splitting comedy” from the famous duo. Based on previous shows fans can expect classic bits from their most well-known movies as well as in-character performances, songs, and more traditional stand-up. If you like your holidays tinged with nostalgia, there’s nothing more classic than Cheech and Chong.

The Love In Festival - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Love In is a 3 day festival from 4/19 - 4/21 in a Las Vegas park. Many attendees camp out to get the full experience, which includes live music and entertainment, art exhibitions, yoga and meditation sessions, workshops, and enough food and drink for even the strongest munchies. It also includes an experience called “Cannabis Atlantis” hosted by Sativa Sean, which promises “an awe inspiring experience of cannabis lifestyle at its most extreme.” From what we can gather, it’s an Atlantis-inspired EDM show with aquatic decorations and lots of scantily clad women. What else would you expect from 4/20 in Vegas?

Cannival - Gunnison, Colorado

Cannabis and camping are a classic combo that can be found at Cannival, an “elevated music fest” from 4/19 - 4/21 that takes place in a Colorado county that claims to be “the first place to sell 100% legal weed”. This festival has a music line up of course, but it also has more unique offerings like yoga, a wellness tent, and a tent dedicated to showing weed-themed movies on a loop all day and night. There’s even a “4/20 Olympix” with events such as biggest bong rip and a costumed 4.20 km fun run. What this event has to do with a carnival, we don’t know, but it sounds like a ripping good time.

Up In Smoke Burlesque - Los Angeles, California

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of spending a whole weekend celebrating 4/20. For those who just need a night-of event, there’s the Up In Smoke Burlesque Show put on by Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque in LA. The audience can expect a “fully marijuana theme[d] show” presented by California’s largest professional show troupe. There will be plenty of artists and “cannabis cuties” to fill a fun and flirty 4/20 evening.

Spliff Film Festival - Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington

If you find yourself in Portland or Seattle on 4/20 you can attend Spliff, “a film festival made by the stoned for the stoned.” It features a wide selection of original short films that all revolve around the theme of weed in one way or another. From funny to bizarre to political, each film has its own blazed point of view. Smoking and watching movies have always gone great together, and now there’s a festival where you can celebrate that pairing in two locations on 4/20.

National Cannabis Festival - Washington DC

Plenty of 4/20 festivals have multi-stage music line ups, but the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC, has that and so much more. In addition to concerts, this festival has educational panels about cannabis as well as an exhibition fair, contests, and even a wedding. Yes, you read that right. Contestants for the ultimate weed wedding had to submit Instagram videos explaining why they should win back in January, and the winning couple has been announced. They’ll be wed on the festival’s main stage and receive a bundle of goodies from various canna-companies, and it will certainly be a sight to behold.

Whether you have a big blow out or keep it chill, 4/20 is a special day for everyone in the cannabis community. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to smoke a little extra, and who doesn’t love that? What are your plans for 4/20? Are there any other great parties we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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