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  • By Megan Farley
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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Perfect Fall Pairings: Cannabis and Comfort Food

The Fall season is easily my favorite time of year. Easily! I live for sweater weather and spiced everything. Cuddling by the fire (or portable heater ala Amazon if I am being honest), sipping apple cider, and eating all the carby comfort foods is the literal definition of my happy place. My birthday also happens to take place during the Fall season, so that is an added bonus. It’s also the motivation for today’s Fall pairings.

See, I am not really the going out type. I prefer a pj’s on the couch kind of vibe with lots of snacks and a tv binge-fest. If I do hang out with friends, I want an intimate and cozy environment to chat and truly enjoy each other’s company. So as the season of eating approaches, at unnervingly rapid speeds I might add, I decided that a nice and cozy cannabis dinner party might be just the ticket to celebrate another trip around the sun while giving thanks for everything I have. Will my lazy ass follow through with said dinner party? That is yet to be known. Regardless, I wanted to share my plans in the hopes that someone will enjoy them, even if I happen to bail.

For the festivities, I have put together a 5-course menu filled with tasty fall-inspired foods. Each course has been paired with one of my favorite cannabis strains to assist in keeping the flow of the night moving. All of my chosen recipes are vegan-friendly but easily adaptable for any meat-eaters. From a hearty soup and creamy pasta to a delicate and sweet dessert, you and your guests will finish the night feeling satisfied, comforted and thoroughly high. Let’s get started.

 The First Course

When the weather is cool and crisp I tend to crave a cup of steaming hot soup, so it made perfect sense to start the night off with this hearty tomato and rice vegetable soup from The Vegan 8 blog. I definitely recommend serving up a smaller portion as it can be really filling and the meal is just getting started. Before settling down at the table to dig in, sharing a round or two of bong hits will help raise the vibes and prep everyone for some fun dinner conversation. I have chosen GRAV’s gorgeous, sleek and sophisticated Jane West Beaker for this occasion. The strain on the menu for our soup course is Super Jack. This super sativa offers an energetic high that will help to relieve any anxieties while uplifting your mood. Smoking this strain via bong will allow for a quick and strong cerebral effect which should result in deep thoughts and lots of laughs. The fruity and peppery aromas offer a flavorful hit that will prep your palate for the warm and savory soup ahead.

The Second Course

I LOVE a sherlock pipe. They are cool and fun and this Amber Sherlock Pipe from GRAV gives me major Fall feels. A pipe is a great piece for passing around between the first and second courses to keep everyone’s high feeling fresh. After a rich cup of soup, a light and crisp salad will provide some balance before our heavier main course. This Apple Pecan Arugula salad, from Minimalist Baker, brings in a bright and refreshing bite while still staying on trend with our Fall flavors. I have selected Double Dream to pair with this course as the sweet and herby aromas will blend well with the fruity flavors of the salad. The clear-headed and dreamy high will offer a level of euphoria perfect for deepening the conversation and preparing everyone for the main course.

The Main Course

I wanted to choose a main course that was simple but still brought in some cozy Fall feelings. This creamy butternut squash pasta, courtesy of Cookie & Kate, is comfort food to the core. Since pasta is such a filling dish, you will definitely want to have some smokables at the ready. I have fallen head over heels for the GRAV Sip Series and decided that the Martini Shaker would make an elegant and shareable option for the table during this course. Add a little Lambs Bread to your bubbler for some straight-up happy AF energy. The peppery notes of this strain will pair perfectly with our pasta, so you can really savor every bite and every hit as you soak in the surrounding company. This course should not be rushed.

The Fourth Course

Thanks to my sweet tooth, the dessert course is my favorite of any meal, and you know I couldn’t get through five courses of Fall inspired flavors without including some pumpkin spice. So, here it is. This pumpkin creme brulee, from Chocolate-Covered Katie, is light, sweet, and surprisingly healthy. Plus, that crispy, sugary layer on top is hella fun to crack open and oh so satisfying to eat. My mouth is legit watering right now. For this course, I wanted to have a special offering for guests and the GRAV Shot Glass Taster fits the bill perfectly. At just $13.99 each, they make excellent party favors for guests to take home when the night is over. Serve your dessert with a shot of cinnamon whisky or some ice-cold milk to elevate the dish. The strain of choice for this dessert is Platinum GSC. The sweet aroma will add to the decadence of this course, while the deeply relaxing effects will begin to wind things down and soothe those full stomachs.

The Fifth Course

I am a sucker for an after-dinner coffee! It has always felt so elegant and adult to me, and I kind of love that. When I found this cinnamon brown sugar latte from The Wanderlust Kitchen, I couldn’t resist. The spicy cinnamon and syrupy brown sugar are so very rich and right on par with this Fall menu. The caffeine balances out the heavier vibes that the end of night strains provide, and will allow you to keep the party going without compromising the high. For this course, joints are perfect. Prepare a few cones in advance using this adorable Grav Rolling Tray. When the coffee is served, start circulating them. I have chosen White Russian for the end of night strain as it will provide relief from our meal along with a serious cerebral high. Keep the joints moving until you and your guests are thoroughly satisfied and then let the night wind down naturally.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up to fit your own needs. If you are throwing a dinner party you want to make sure it feels true to you, so adapt as necessary. The rule of thumb here is really to start the night with the energizing strains and work your way down to the couch-lock options so you don’t risk killing the vibe too early in the evening.

I truly hope you enjoy these tasty pairings! If you give any (or all) of them a try please don’t forget to share with us! Drop a comment below or tag @GravLabs in your Instagram posts and stories! Happy Fall Y’all!

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