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  • By Kirsten Allen
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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countdown to 7:10pm on 7/10
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If you’re in the market for a new rig this 7/10, consider the following possibilities:

This 5.5" puck-styled rig features double-decker filtration and delivers a wallop on each hit. The Circuit's design is 2 years old, having gone through a few redesigns in its lifetime. The current model features a double-stacked super-stable base, curved mouthpiece to prevent backsplash, and a Water Jet Perc that propels water and smoke through the angled intake holes on the inner chamber. Suitably handle-held sized for parties and gatherings, whether large or small, the Circuit is perfect for your rotation.
Umbrella Perc
The Umbrella Perc design is one of the oldest rigs in our product catalog. Originally designed by Stephan Pierce (SPG), this piece exemplifies elegance in a straightforward package. The Umbrella Perc stands just under 6" and features an angled mouthpiece, a small but powerful umbrella perc in the base, and a perfect can-sized chamber that fits your hand like a glove. Lightweight & power-mad, the Umbrella perc makes a great gaming companion - just don't confuse it for your soda, the can-sized chamber doesn't add any flavor. ;)
Our most recent addition in the GRAV rig line-up is the Orbis Collection, available in five different shapes with very similar rig-focused function across the board. It might be best to look for these in stores so you can see which one fits in your hands the best - I am personally partial to the Sphera since there simply aren’t a lot of orb-shaped pipes in the world and it's a classically beautiful departure from what we normally expect to see in a rig. These pieces look like high-end boutique perfume bottles, but deliver hits as sharp as their shape.  You'll be falling in slow motion before the banger cools.
Vapor Straw
New to the scene - don't know where to even start? Vapor Straws are where to start! You don't even have to think about it, super low investment - you just need a torch, some concentrate, and you’re good to go. Just be careful not to heat the end of the straw too hot, since glass does have a melting point and it can close up.
Concentrate Taster
Didn't believe me about vapor straws being a good place to start? Well alright, then start with just a concentrate taster - that's as basic as it can be.
It's almost 7/10 and you can’t decide which rig is right for you.  Maybe you just want to use what you already have and spice up your holiday with a new accessory. If you already already have your favorite pipe, why not ditch the propane refills and move to an electric nail? The Fire-Button portable e-nail has a stepped-design so it fits joints that are 10mm/14mm and even 19mm and converts *ANY* pipe into a dabbing-machine. The titanium and ceramic heating element are entirely adhesive free, the airflow has been optimized for dabbing, and the skillet heats up and cools down within a few seconds. Best of all, it’s portable, so just charge it and go.
Whatever you end up with, we hope your 7/10 this year is just as fun as your 7/4 (which is to say smack dab in the middle of the week and bound to make you late for work).
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